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Draymond Green discovers the 3-point strike in Warriors & # 39; victory against Mavericks

OAKLAND – All he wanted was one. Everything he needed was one. And when Draymond Green got one, he did not hesitate to scream about it. Less than three minutes after dropping between the Warriors and the Mavericks on Saturday, Green burned a soft Dallas defense with a 3-pointer from the left wing and quickly turned to the visitors on the bench, letting them know that he just started.

About four minutes later, still against soft defense, Green drilled another triple.

"The first time, her bank shouted," Stay back. "No, you better get up," Green said after a 120-116 win at the Oracle Arena. "The second was like this:" Stay back. "I said," It will be a long night for you, champion.

"The teams will play me like this. And that's good. But I like it.

The teams do not bother to defend Green's deep shots because they did not care. He had missed nine out of ten three-point attempts in the last four games. Since late October, he has been 1

out of 16 beyond the bow. Why should one engage in defense?

The Utah Jazz played softly on Wednesday night, daring Green to shoot 3-pointers in practice. He shot two, missed both, and stated that it had been canceled for the night.

Due to the lack of attention and the impact he has on his teammates, Green swore after the game that his 3-pointers would fall. On Thursday and Friday he spent a lot of time underpinning his words.

"I have to make it into existence," he said.

"It's always good to see them make their first appearance, their self-confidence is growing, I just have to stay aggressive."

Green scored two in the first quarter of the third quarter in 3-of-5 shooting Points 2-of-3 from the deep (his third attempt rattled out the edge), finishing the 6:11 shooting with 14 points and 2: 4 from the depth.

"Tonight was for Draymond Stepping in the right direction as far as he is aggressive, "said Kevin Durant," he used to pull it out at the 3-point line and he (is) looking for what we want him to do, but if you have five of those Have possessions in the first half, you want him to shoot some of them. "

" Tonight he knocked them down at the beginning of the game, causing him to bark on the other bench. "

Green came in with 18.9 percent from deep down, his confidence wavered, and opponents noticed it and l Give him 5 to 4 to play against his teammates.

That will change if Green does a few more.

Steve Kerr said. "He's in form right now, since the injury. In the last few games he had good energy and only had to overcome the conditioning of the hump.

"Tonight he did a great job. That was a typical Draymond game. Every time he stabs a few 3-pointers, it's a good sign for us to do everything he does. "

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