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Draymond, KD and Steph campaign for Warriors to sign Jamal Crawford in a freelance agency

Provided that everything goes according to plan and Kevin Durant is opted and worked up, the Golden State Warriors will have the core of their two-defending NBA championship team safe ahead of the league's summer outdoor agency bonanza will be totally crazy. But with five veteran reserves from last year's team focused on the unrestrained free agency ̵

1; the big men David West, Zaza Pachulia, JaVale McGee and Kevon Looney and the swingman Nick Young – the Champs will have some roster spots. And with a new KD deal that sends the already expensive dubs even deeper into luxury tax havens, you'd bet General Manager Bob Myers is trying to fill at least some of them with purchases in the special items and looking for fits at veteran minimum salaries

While Myers and the rest of the Waiting Warriors prepare their grocery list, they seem to get input from the guys who played the biggest roles in winning three out of the last four titles. The name on her lips? Jamal Crawford, the threefold sixth man of the year, stepped out of the last year of his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves earlier this month to gain full free agency.

By Marcus Thompson III of The Athletic:

Last year, stars Draymond Green and Kevin Durant and coach Steve Kerr made the Warriors fly a flyer about Nick Young. Jamal Crawford will be pushed even further this year.

Green and Durant are already lobbying. Stephen Curry is on board. Some of the assistant coaches want him too. It will be enough to call Myers with Crawford agent Aaron Goodwin if the free agency time starts at 9pm. [Pacific Time, 12 a.m. Eastern] Saturday

As expected, the 38-year-old Guardian, who has just finished his 18th season in the NBA, but has not yet come out of the final of the conference, as if he were down for one too Return to the Bay Area (he played 54 games with the Warriors during the 2008-09 season) to join with the sport's dominating team. ESPN's Zach Lowe reports that there is "a mutual interest between player and team on a minimum deal that would bring him just under $ 2.4 million for a player with more than 10 years of service for next season."

The big question: how much does Jamal Crawford want to do?

If Crawford decides he's looking for more than the minimum, remember: he just rejected a $ 4.5 million option – that could make a pairing difficult. Every dollar that teams spend on the tax line carries an additional penalty; the higher your team salary, the higher the dollar-for-dollar penalty. If you spend more than $ 20 million over the tax limit, every dollar you spend costs $ 3.75 in taxes. If you're over $ 25 million, it's $ 4.25. $ 196 million As described by Anthony Slater of The Athletic, using the taxpayer's exemption (estimated at $ 5.3 million next season) for a player, rather than a minimum wage, would cost the Warriors ownership $ 21.6 million taxes. You would understand that Joe Lacob will turn green if he has the idea to write that kind of check for an alleged eighth man – the core four of Curry, Durant, Green and Klay Thompson, no matter which center on the grid, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston – who turns 39 in the month before the playoffs of next year.

How Jamal Crawford could fit the warriors

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Whatever the price, there are worries on the court that come when you bring your car to Crawford, as funny as it may be when he looks into the ball with his hands – and man he can do a show – Crawford is a die-hard shotgun who was one of only half a dozen reserves last season and an average of more than 22 field-goal attempts per 100 team possessions, according to Basketball-Reference.com. "data-reactid = "35"> Whatever the price, there are worries on the court that come to Crawford in your car. As fun as he may be, watching the ball in his hands – and man he can show a show – Crawford is a die-hard shotgun who last stood as one of only half a dozen reserves after basketball reference .com average more than 22 field goal attempts per 100 team possessions.

While its brands can be exciting, they are not nearly as common as you would expect a player to eat so much of the offense. Crawford shot only 41.5 percent from the field and 33.1 percent from the 3-point arc last season; In terms of the effective field goal percentage, which is 3 points worth more than buckets within the arc, Crawford only reached 92nd among the 106 players who took at least 700 shots last year.

And then

In just over 2,300 minutes with Crawford on the bench, Minnesota limited opponents to 105.2 points per 100 possessions, which is outside the top 10 in defensive efficiency during the regular season would have placed. In his 1,653 minutes of work, however, the wolves allowed the opponents to score a whopping 112.9 points per 100; In other words, when Crawford lay on the ground, the average Minny opponent hit in a really good night like the Warriors or Houston Rockets.

That's not Crawford's fault, of course. The wolves had countless defensive problems throughout the year, with young, anticipated top players Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins blaming the team for the team's ongoing defense problems and a post-all-star break for Jimmy Butler. However, this is a trend: The Clippers drove in the last four seasons in LA with 2.8-5.7 points per 100 bad defenses with Crawford on the court.

Crawford has long been considered one of the best Most one-dimensional players in the league, a designated bat that you hustle off the bench in the hope that his instant attack as a firepower or pull-up shooter will eradicate deficits or turn small leads into big ones. However, collecting 60 percent of his shots can make the value proposition of a Crawford signer dice, especially for a Warriors team that moves the ball, chases efficient punches, versatile defenses, and the ability to beat. [19659017] Nevertheless, the stars of the Warriors are pushing for Crawford. That's partly because he's the generally accepted good guy (and freshly stamped teammate of the year), probably seamlessly fitting into a familiar locker room, and partly because, as Thompson notes, he is "not scared," let it fly:

He is not easy to scare. This property was hard to find for the warriors. They need reserves bold enough to even play their game alongside Hall of Famers.

They went to [Nick] Young, because he should have that audacity, more than Ian Clark and McCaw [Patrick]. But it turns out he did not do it. They had to constantly encourage him to play his game and look for his shot.

And Omri Casspi, he was a lost cause. He would not shoot.

Crawford has taken nearly 17,000 shots in the regular season and playoffs together. It is likely that he will not be ready to fire.

After Kerr and Myers had finished the Cleveland Cavaliers, they both said they would expect next year to get a little younger, also because they want to prove hungry players without a title and with something to bring a Warriors team that will be played deep into June for four years, and will need some practiced kicks to survive the long-running season.

Crawford may approach 40, but he has one of the youngest and most energetic games in the sport and he is one of the league's most respected and respected ballplayers yet to play for a title. The players are not always great managers, but when the stars of the Warriors believe that Crawford – as a viable reserve scorer, as a culture-enhancing veterinarian, as a head-happy colleague and a cause that is worth fighting for – is supported by monotony and stagnation In search of a three-peat, Myers will have to think hard about rethinking Crawford's shortcomings in favor of the potential benefits he could bring beyond his own production.

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