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"Drunk" Wendy Williams rushed to the hospital after her husband's alleged lover had a baby

Destroyed Wendy Williams is "not in good shape" after being admitted to the hospital – hours after her alleged lover gave birth to her husband.

The presenter of the talk show was found drunk on Monday, shortly after Sharina Hudson, who allegedly had a long love affair with her husband Kevin Hunter, had given birth to a child.

She was taken to a hospital where she had been given infusions – but she still showed the set of her show and was shot on Tuesday. [19659003] HOWARD STAR SLAMS WENDY WILLIAMS TO HE 'GONE HOLLYWOOD & # 39; SAY

The star had left the sober home in Queens, where she stayed before she was found.

But she's back in the facility now, they tell us.

It is generally believed that Hunter is the father of Hudson's baby.

And one source said, "Wendy is not in a good way for everyone to care for her. The sad part is that she worked so hard to stay sober, and she was so honest in her fight with all her fans and that just blew her away.

"But the fact that she still came to the set only shows how strong she tries to be. "

Williams will be back on track for the foreseeable future. However, the production employees take over "one day at a time".


We are told that it's Hunter who told her to go to a sober home with total strangers.

Last week she said she lived with a group of smelly boys who have become my family "In a sober house.

Hunter's alleged lover is said to have been born in Philadelphia.

The couple lived in New Jersey before Hudson moved to an apartment in New York.

The Daily Mail First it was reported Williams was taken to the hospital.

A representative of Williams could not be reached ed for comment.

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