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A customer pumps gas into his tank at Fleet Farm in Delavan, Wisconsin, near I-43 and Highway 50, which sells gasoline for 0.99 a gallon because of gas prices during the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday March 26, 2020. (Photo: Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Gas prices in Wisconsin fell below $ 1 a gallon for the first time in decades as demand for fuel fell during the coronavirus pandemic.

A love station in Elkhorn and a fleet farm in Delavan regularly sold lead-free for 99 cents per gallon in cash, while gas stations in Wautoma, Appleton, and elsewhere in the state priced between $ 99 and $ 1.25.

In the Milwaukee region, prices continued to hover around $ 1.49 per gallon

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Gas prices rise and fall depending on supply and demand. Abrupt price changes are usually due to an interruption in crude oil supply or the gas pipeline.

In the late 1980s, lead-free prices fluctuated between 86 cents and $ 1 per gallon, and these prices have barely been seen since.

Gas prices typically rise in spring and summer when people drive more in warmer weather, so demand is higher. But with millions of people excluded from coronavirus restrictions, the demand for fuel has dropped.

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