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Duke Vs. UCF score: # 1 Blue Devils survive the angry bid and went up in the 2019 NCAA tournament

COLUMBIA, SC – Total Seed # 1 Duke – through the skin of his teeth – has advanced to the Sweet 16, having made an incredible sensation in the second round of UCF 77-76, Seed No. 9, the NCAA Tournament 2019 on Sunday evening. After a knight had not fallen for the Knights, Aubrey Dawkins took the offensive rebound and at the last second saw a layup edge that sent the Blue Devils to the second weekend of March Madness.

The Match of Zion Williamson vs. Tacko Fall It offered a window to the whole world in which Duke's star robbed him of the physical advantage he has over most opponents. Williamson was limited at the edge when Fall was in play, but he found almost all other ways to score and make an impression. Williamson drove by four and drove to the tire. He lost a break 1

4 seconds before the end and got a chance. Although the free-throw was missed, RJ Barrett picked up the rebound and put him in the basket, giving Duke a decisive lead of just one point, eleven seconds ahead.

Duke's UCF defense strategy included a lot of zone and very little concern for the Blue Devils as a 3-point shooter. Duke had one of the worst 3-point targets in the country for most of the year, and UCF trainer Johnny Dawkins had to snap back the Knights in the transition to narrow the fast-break and limit the fast lane basket. The strategy worked, and with Aubrey Dawkins' terrific performance had UCF in the game until the very end.

Williamson scored 32 points in 50-percent shooting, hitting 3 out of 7 3-pointers. He also had eleven rebounds and four assists. Fall made 7 of 10 shots for 15 points, and although he had three blocks, including a pair on Williamson, he was fouled in just 25 minutes. Dawkins was outstanding that evening, adjusting Williamson 32 points, taking 5 out of 7 triples.

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