Reactions varied, but one athlete in Los Angeles feels confident that LeBron will NOT be coming to his city next season.

There are a certain gravity, which goes with the size.

In sport and elsewhere, the elite has a special way of attracting the attention and admiration of others. The same applies to the Golden State Warriors, who won a third title in four years earlier this month and now have the chance to reuse their magnetism in the free agency.

With the official business at the helm at midnight to the east, here's how …

It's been nearly two years since Kevin Durant was the one attracted by the gravitational pull of the Golden State, and he has countless times recently said he plans to re-sign it. But there are rumors that Durant will make another one-plus deal, rather than completing a four-year contract of up to $ 158 million, which would put the Warriors in the best position to support their bank. 19659008] If Durant agrees to a two-year deal with a player option in season two, it would be a déjà vu after holding nearly $ 10 million last summer on Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. With a one-plus-one contract, Durant's salary would be $ 30 million next season (as opposed to the $ 35.3 million it would have been in a four-year contract).

MORE NBA: [19659008] These $ 5.3 million make a big difference when it comes to the total cost. The Warriors are expected to pay an additional $ 3.25 per dollar tax when making decisions about supporting cast members. Therefore, a player who received the entire $ 5.3 million tax-exemption would cost $ 22.5 million. A minimum wage of $ 2.3 million would cost about $ 7.1 million (the NBA only pays approximately $ 1.5 million for minimums).

All this of course matters, because there are some convincing candidates for the warriors. Radar. But after a season in which players like Nick Young and Omri Casspi are not paying off as they had hoped, it remains to be seen if owner Joe Lacob and his group are willing to pay for peripheral pieces.

All-Star Center Dwight Howard, who has not yet completed a planned buy-out with Brooklyn, is seriously interested in joining the Warriors. But within the walls of the Warriors, skepticism remains about whether it would fit well, with Howard also keen to join LeBron James (wherever he ends), New Orleans, and Washington.

Considering that coach Steve Kerr has just reached an extension of three years, which has brought his salary to an eight-digit area each year, one can assume that he will have a significant voice here. And if Howard could find a way to dispel worries about chemistry, it could give Golden State the kind of rim protection they need – especially considering that JaVale McGee is also a freelance agent and may not be returning.

If Houston's small striker Trevor Ariza I can not find a big payday with the Rockets or anyone else, the prospect of joining the Warriors in a one-year deal is well known. Golden State has also discussed Avery Bradley as an option, which is not surprising for anyone who has seen the eight-year veteran dog of the Warriors scorers in recent years. Bradley's season was interrupted by abdominal surgery in March and he played only 46 games for Detroit and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Former Warriors Guard and three-time Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford has a serious interest in participating in the Warriors and is aware that a financial sacrifice would be needed. The Warriors are also interested in Crawford, but it seems that a minimum wage slot would be the only way to achieve that.

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