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Dynamic emails are sent to Gmail and Outlook

Google's AMP open source project today introduces an important new feature. AMP Project offers support for dynamic emails in AMP Email so that companies can create dynamic emails that you can interact with directly from your inbox.

Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail are three of the key e-mail providers that introduce support for dynamic e-mail with AMP. That is, if an email uses AMP, you can interact with the email directly from your inbox.

Gmail provides dynamic e-mail support on the Web today. Google indicates that the company plans to make the feature available on mobile devices in the future, although a specific release date is not available.

Microsoft Outlook will introduce support for dynamic email with AMP Email as a preview for users of Outlook.com and expects the preview to be ready by the summer. On the other hand, Yahoo says it is "excited" to be part of the program, although it is not said when the feature will arrive or is already available.

Key services that use dynamic mail with AMP Mail include Google Docs, which allow you to respond to files directly from your inbox to comments threads. Booking.com, Despegar, Doodle, Ecwid, Freshworks, Nexxt, OYO Rooms, Pinterest and redBus also use AMP Email to deliver interactive emails directly to your inbox.

The idea behind dynamic email sounds really useful, but it will only really come in handy when people start applying the new technology. Not only do developers have to start with the introduction of the new technology, their email client must also support the new platform. And I do not think that will happen soon.

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