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Dyson launches a vacuum with a better battery, a desk lamp and a personal air purifier – TechCrunch

Dyson has a very special way of doing things. The British company produces high quality products for a world where price is not an option. The use of their equipment is a bit like the first time driving a sports car. You have no idea why someone is paying so much for something until you actually try it.

Fittingly, it gave a few reporters the opportunity to try a trio of new products at a closed-door event this week. As the company noted, it does not do much traditional advertising, so it relies on word of mouth and ratings to get the word out. As such, it was really intended to guide us through each thinking and development process.

The new releases include two new product lines and an update for one of the company's more popular products. The Cyclone V11 is an upgrade to last year's wireless vacuum cleaner V10. I tried the V10 a bit and was impressed with its performance (hence the analogies for sports cars) – impressed enough to continue to use it, but not enough to recommend paying $ 400 / $ 500. A good one Job to clean up on various surfaces – even animal hair, which can cause real pain. It cleans quickly and even has a satisfying setback when you pull the trigger. The battery, however, is downright catastrophic, which the V11 allegedly wants to fix.

The new model has three different modes, including an Econo with battery saver and an automatic feature that adjusts the power when changing surfaces. The battery itself is also larger and more robust. So if you play your cards correctly, you should consume about 40 minutes. There is also a new built-in display in the tank that tells you how much life is left and helps to fix common problems with the Stick Vac. one that looks a bit humanoid). It seems to be a solid option for small spaces or places where the object should be aimed straight at you, such as a desk or a bed. It is quiet, but makes enough white noise to lull you to sleep.

The direction of the airflow is set manually – which seems like an odd choice. You should probably make sure that you wash your hands before fiddling with things that should be blown directly into your face. It is big. How too big to sit on my home desktop. But it's just hellish, with a fully adjustable arm and white balance that adjusts to the time of day and other settings. Here's more from Dyson:

Local daylight tracking offers several advantages, but if light loses its brightness or color temperature over time, its ability to track daylight is compromised. Dyson's engineers looked at LEDs overheating the heat pipe technology. A vacuum-sealed copper tube dissipates the heat. Inside, a drop of water evaporates, which when condensing dissipates heat along the pipe before it returns to the LEDs by capillary action. It offers a continuous, energy-free cooling circuit. This means that brightness and light quality will last for 60 years.

As for the prices for all this? It's pretty steep, as you would expect. The vacuum starts at $ 600, the air purifier works at $ 350 and the light for $ 600- $ 900.

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