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E-mail from Elon Musk to Tesla employees trying to explain closures

After Tesla's sudden overthrow on plans to close deals and make online car sales, Elon Musk emailed employees to explain the situation. Electrek received copies of the message and Business Insider reported the content, which still contained no accurate information about possible closures and layoffs. In the message, Musk told the staff:


1; High-traffic stores that generate significant sales are not closed at all. It would be pointless to do this except in rare cases where the rent is absurdly high. In addition, Tesla will continue to open stores around the world that meet the above criteria.
– Shops that are located in a low-visitor location (meaning most of their opening hours are empty) and lead to low sales are gradually closing down. This is analogous to seeds on infertile soils. There is no good reason to keep these deals open.
– Shops located somewhere in the middle are evaluated over time to see that there is a way to cover their costs. If so, stay open, otherwise not. However, these businesses will have a fair opportunity to prove their case.
The above principles also apply to the sales team. Nobody who makes a significant contribution to demand management will be fired. That would not make sense. But in a company with 45,000 employees, sometimes things that do not make sense happen.

It seems to be designed to calm high-performing salespeople and salespeople in well-functioning locations, but without concrete metrics, they may still feel restless. Currently, Tesla has higher prices and a number of retail locations remain open, but all sites that do not do consistent business are potentially on the dulcimer as they rely on more efficient online sales processes.

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