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E3 2018 Microsoft Xbox One Predictions: Halo 6, Crackdown 3, Perfect Dark and more

With E3 2018 just around the corner, we want to continue the annual tradition of predictions; Educated, of course. Speculation is fun when it comes to the biggest show of the games and we are always happy about pleasant surprises. That's why we got the GameSpot team to share some ideas. This time around, we'll take a look at the Microsoft press conference and what might be in store for Xbox One owners.

As we get closer to the show, developers and publishers are slowly taunting and revealing plans for E3, but Microsoft has played its cards closer to his chest than most. We can expect more about Crackdown 3 as it is one of the biggest 2018 games in Microsoft's rotation. It has been beaten with several delays, but since the game is due to appear this year, more details and a definite release date would make sense. A new entry in the Halo franchise is one possibility, since the last mainline entry took place in 201

5. Maybe a Gears of War? Based on the row cadence, Forza Horizon 4 is likely to appear – unless you are Walmart Canada, who prefects Forza Horizon (s) 5. These would not be really surprising. We are here to stretch the imagination based on some kind of reality.

Microsoft is changing a little this year by relocating its E3 press conference and showing presence in its own Microsoft Theater at LA Live from the LA Convention Center. Microsoft manager Mike Nichols said it will be the company's biggest show. What that means, we learn on June 11 at 13 clock PT. Read our predictions now, and if you want to see more sweet speculations, look at what we expect from Sony and Nintendo for E3 2018.

Halo 6 will be announced

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It has been almost three years since the release of Halo 5: Guardians, so if we think Halo has a three-year release pattern (Halo 5 came out three years after Halo 4 out), Halo 6 could launch Fall 2018 fall, the time is ripe for the Master Chief to return to the fight. Halo 5 has been a great success with the advances it has made to Multiplayer and Forge, and a story that was in part not overwhelming, but showed us a new and intriguing side of Master Chief.

Halo is one of Microsoft's oldest and most popular franchises, and it's time for Microsoft to try something new with Halo 6. I do not know what that might look like and it would be a bit sad and uninspired by Microsoft to just try to fight on the Royale trend. Instead, I want to see something new and unexpected from Halo at E3 this year. We already know that the game will have a split screen, which is great because Halo 5 is not working. But I want to see that Microsoft brings the fans with story and gameplay advances completely out of his concept. | Eddie Makuch

A new blue dragon is on the way

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Blue Dragon was a small JRPG exclusive on Xbox 360 released worldwide in 2007, made by Japanese developers Mistwalker and Artoon. With the help of Microsoft's publishing arm, Blue Dragon came up with something that was in short supply: Japanese games. The famous artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger) has also decisively shaped the game with character designs and artwork. Although it was a fairly simple RPG and did not do much to advance the genre, it was still an entertaining game that diversified the Xbox 360 library.

Support for Japanese game makers on the Xbox platform has not occurred Since then, especially after the termination of Scalebound, I have really improved; The PS4 has completed this aspect with franchises like Yakuza, Persona and Nier. Earlier this year, however, Xbox head Phil Spencer said in response to a tweet whether JRPGs would be highlighted at E3 2018: "Now, yes, things can change, but like last year, I wanted to make sure we got ours It's important to us. "

Microsoft still holds the name of Blue Dragon and is one of the few existing franchises of Japanese origin to which the Xbox can be proud. It would be exciting to see a revival on the Xbox One and if Mistwalker would be on board to develop it. | Michael Higham

Platinum Games has something in the works for Xbox

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The cancellation of Scalebound has been extremely disappointing for Xbox One owners since long time ago touted as top-tier exclusive talent. The fact that Platinum Games worked on it also made many believe it would do justice to the hype given the developer's track record (Bayonetta, Vanquish). Hideki Kamiya, the director behind Devil May Cry and Okami, also alleged the allegation.

But as believers in Platinum's work, we would like to believe that there is something that can be saved. It would be a shame if everything was wasted by Scalebound. Xbox boss Phil Spencer also said that Microsoft wanted to support Japanese games, and this year at E3. With the critical inclusion of Nier Automata released for PS4 and PC, it would be a great achievement for Microsoft to have its own platinum hit. | Michael Higham

Crackdown 3 gets a fight royale-like mode

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Alright, we know that it's easy to name any game and to say that it's going to have a Battle Royale mode. It was the topic of conversation since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds exploded and Fortnite: Battle Royale became the biggest theme in all games. We even see big names like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto take on elements of the genre, and we keep thinking about who's going to do it next. It could be Crackdown 3.

Microsoft uses Crackdown 3 as a super-destructive multiplayer experience that can wipe out skyscrapers, city streets and everything in the environment – that could be how it sets itself apart from the competition. Considering that crackdown takes place in an open-world structure, the Battle Royale playground seems already set. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Microsoft will not be doing a stand-alone Battle Royale game, which makes sense given that PUBG is an exclusive console on the Xbox platform. But that does not rule out having a mode in an existing game, and of all the Microsoft IPs Crackdown seems to have the makings of a deathmatch in the least, where the entire environment can be torn to pieces. | Michael Higham

Uncovered Xbox Streaming Service

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For years, there have been rumors and rumors about an Xbox game streaming service, and I think E3 will be 2018 the year in which it is officially announced. With the advent of the trusted Internet, the marketplace is now better suited for a streaming service to work. It would not be widely available, but the market has undeniably grown and become more powerful and reliable in recent years.

Microsoft would follow in Sony's footsteps as the company already has PlayStation Now. It's exciting to think about what Microsoft – which already has data centers around the world – could do in the streaming field. This is especially interesting given the fact that game sizes are getting bigger and bigger today, making streaming – which does not require installations – attractive to some. Pricing will be important, and it would be great to see that Microsoft is creating a Netflix for gaming service, paying you a monthly fee and playing all the games you want. | Eddie Makuch

Perfect Dark 2 is the next game of the Rare

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Rarely just launched Sea of ​​Thieves not so long ago and it looks like the game from continuous post-launch support and content updates. Rare next big thing could be the return of Perfect Dark. The franchise began on the Nintendo 64 in 2000 as the successor to the classic Goldeneye 007 and celebrated in 2005 with Perfect Dark Zero as Xbox 360 exclusivity after Microsoft Rare had acquired. Now it's been 13 years that one entry in the Sci-Fi FPS series is now as good as another.

We do not just want to play as Joanna Dark in a new conspiracy theater. Player Campaign, we'd like to see what Perfect Dark Multiplayer of this generation can be. Laptop machine guns that turn into towers, and weird alien pistols that you can use with two hands still seem to be a lot of fun. This is more a dream than something we expect realistically. | Michael Higham

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