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EA launches premium subscription with the latest Battlefield and Fifa – TechCrunch

The video game company EA is slowly changing its business model to recurring subscriptions. The company has introduced Origin Access Premier for $ 15 a month or $ 100 a year. This subscription is only available on the PC.

This is not EA's first subscription. The company launched EA Access for the first time on the Xbox One. For $ 5 a month, or $ 30 a year, you can download an old EA game as part of your subscription.

EA Access does not include the latest games. But you can play the latest Fifa, Madden and Battlefield games a few months after their first releases. Usually, EA Access games do not include DLC or additional content.

In addition to full games, EA EA Access lets you try new EA games for 1

0 hours. You also get 10% off digital EA purchases.

In 2016, EA launched a similar service on the PC for the same price. In addition to a collection of EA games, the company worked with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and other gaming companies. You can find indie hits like The Witness, Oxenfree and Trine 2.

And now EA is launching a more expensive subscription level. Origin Access Premier will give you new EA titles a few days before the launch day. For example, you can download and play Madden NFL 19, Fifa 19, Battlefield V and Anthem if they hit the market in the coming months.

Subscribers do not have to pay for DLCs, or at least not that many. Games included in the subscription are deluxe editions (Fifa Ultimate Edition, Battlefield V Deluxe, etc.)

To convince people to subscribe immediately, EA adds Deluxe editions of Battlefront II, Fifa 18, Unravel Two, Fe or The Sims 4 straight away.

Other companies have started subscription services such as Microsoft with the Xbox Game Pass and Sony's PlayStation Now. This is an interesting change as gaming companies prepare for cloud computing.

While many people still buy games on DVDs and play on game consoles, the industry is slowly switching to cloud gaming. You'll start a game on a server in a data center near you and stream the video feed to the device in front of you.

It does not make much sense to own a game if you do not even run it on your console in your living room. By creating recurring subscriptions and assembling game libraries, companies can increase recurring revenue.tt

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