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EA Origin Access Premier Start Date and Price Announced

EA Releases Origin Access Premier, Its New Unlimited PC Gaming Subscription Service, Next Week. The service will go live on Monday, July 30, CFO Blake Jorgensen said during the company's quarterly earnings report (via Variety ) and will cost $ 14.99 a month or $ 99.99 a year ,

EA already has $ 29.99 – a year PC download service called Origin Access, as well as the similar EA Access Plan for Xbox One, but the subscribers of this will have to wait several months for new titles to enter the "vault" the available EA games to come. ( For example, FIFA 1

8 has not yet been added.) Origin Access Premier, however, allows subscribers to download each new EA title five days before the official release date, and everyone else downloads the titles from the back catalog.

The service could then prove to be of any purpose that expects two or more EA PC titles to be launched at launch over the course of a year and is not preoccupied with traditional things "Property" as you lose access to the titles at the end of your subscription. This may fit better with EA than any other, as the company focuses on annual or biennial series such as FIFA Madden and Battlefield where the majority of The Player Base moves to everyone new version.

The $ 14.99 monthly fee could also be a great way to test games that you're not sure you want to play for more than a few weeks. If you just want to delete Battlefield V from your presumably short single-player campaign, or if you do not think you'll play Anthem for a long time, you can sign up for a month at Origin Sign up for Access Premier and save $ 45 while checking out everything else about the service. Origin Access has recently begun adding titles from publishers other than EA, including Batman Arkham by Warner Bros.

EA remains the only major third-party offering a subscription similar to Microsoft's Thing with his Xbox Game Pass, which now includes Tag-One access to every new Microsoft First-Party title. The new business model could either attract additional revenue from customers who typically spend less than the company's subscription fee in a given year, or expand DLC and micro transaction revenue by increasing the player base of each title.

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