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Eagles & # 39; Michael Bennett expects to surrender on Monday due to serious injury to the elderly

Philadelphia Eagle's defensive linesman Michael Bennett is expected to surrender on Monday to the Houston District Court, where he faces trial for serious injuries to the elderly .

The charge is from an incident at the Super Bowl 2017 in Houston, where Bennett attended high school. Bennett was on February 5 to see his brother Martellus Bennett play for the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. After the Patriots' victory, "Michael Bennett" moved onto the field where the players met to party, Harris County County District Attorney said in a Friday issue proclaiming the Grand Jury indictment.

Stadium security personnel, including a 66 – An old paraplegic woman working to control access to the field told Bennett that he needed to use another entrance to get onto the field, prosecutors said. "Instead, he pushed her through, including the older woman who was part of the security team," the release said.

Bennett, 32, was charged with injury to the elderly, an offense that carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a $ 10,000 fine, according to the announcement. Rusty Hardin, the Houston defense attorney representing Roger Clemens and other high profile clients, told USA Today that Bennett was out of the country last week and would surrender on Monday.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told Bennett "violently opened doors" in the NRG stadium tunnels, ignoring the security and urging several members of the security team. Acevedo also said that Bennett said for safety, "You need to know who I am and I can own that [expletive]I'll go on the field, whether you like it or not," the Houston Chronicle says.

Acevedo, who described Bennett as "morally bankrupt" in a press conference last week, said there was no video of the incident, which was seen by a policeman who then controlled the condition of the paraplegic woman instead of trying to Bennett to arrest. According to Acevedo, the woman was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury.

Earlier this month, Bennett was sold by the Seattle Seahawks to the Eagles, who announced Friday that they were "aware of Michael Bennett's situation and are collecting more information."

Bennett, who joined the Owners of the Seahawks have become one of the NFL's most prominent players in political issues and social injustice, which played an important role in the previous season's prelude national anthem.

"Things that make white people uncomfortable" are due to be released on April 3, and, according to publicity material, "police violence, the role of protest in history, and its own responsibility as a role model for speaking."

Last summer, he accused the Las Vegas police of racist profiling and excessive violence after he was arrested during an active shooter in a casino after Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor. The Sheriff of Clark County later announced that no evidence of excessive force had been found and that officials were acting "appropriately and professionally" during the incident. Bennett was not arrested or charged after the incident.

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