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Eagles News: Carson Wentz responds to his recovery status

Coming to Connections Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz of Philadelphia Eagles announces he's reluctant to run again – Delaware Online
So much for the report Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is careful as he plants his left leg. The NFL network reported on Sunday morning – citing a source with knowledge of Wentz & # 39; rehab – that Wentz is not planting on his left leg because he has not recovered 100 percent from two cracked knee ligaments. The report came just weeks before Wentz's one year anniversary when he tore his ACL and LCL against the Rams on December 1

0th. "I've heard of it and I do not know where that comes from, to be honest." Wentz said. "I feel good, I really did analyze my mechanics throughout this injury, I never felt that was a problem, and I feel really good about where I am at the moment." Eagles coach Doug Pederson, following this report was asked, agreed.

3 numbers that are important for the big Eagles Game of the week 13 against Washington – BGN
The eagles probably do not even need to be an offensive Moloch to win on Monday night. Washington are 0-5 this season when the opponent scores more than 17 points. Philadelphia should be able to cross this threshold.

Eagles-Redskins Preview, Cowboys-Saints Reaction – BGN Radio
John Stolnis and Brandon Lee Gowtons record while giving the Dallas Cowboys an important victory from the Saints in the driver's seat at NFC East. PLUS the usual preview of the Eagles-Redskins Monday Night Football Matchuip and NFL Picks of the Week! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Postsack: Was the Cowboys trading with Amari Cooper good after all? – PhillyVoice
If the Cowboys acted for Cooper, hoping to help them win the worst division in football, then obviously this is not a goal worth a first round. If they made this trade think that it exaggerated them, as in the conversation, to go to the Super Bowl, then they are fooling about the talent that is currently in their squad. There are a few games. If it turns out to be a top 10-15 recipient for a long time, then this is a good trade. But if I look at the big picture in the long run, I'm convinced that the cowboys would do much better with their draft pick, which will produce comparatively peanuts over the next four years and still be likely to be a good player. [19659008Stayin'Alive-IgglesBlitz
The Eagles were able to win and probably win the division. But beating the skins, boys, rams, texans and skins would be very difficult. The Eagles did not win two games in a row all year. To win the next five would be crazy. I think the team can finish strong. The run game came alive last week. The Eagles were good with the OL and DL. If they can get back some injured DBs, this team could get hot and win some games. With 5: 0 or even 4: 1 you could push things a bit. The eagles control their fate in terms of skins. They need help with the cowboys. That's why you do not want to make games for the Titans and Panthers. You look at the scoreboard and hope that another team will help you.

Nothing Will be Easy for the Eagles Down The Stretch – PE.com
Nothing will be easy or easy for the eagles on the way to the postseason. An illustrative example came on Thursday night when Dallas defeated New Orleans (13-10) behind a strong defensive effort, overpowered penalties and played the fourth quarter confidently. To set the NFC East image for you, the Cowboys are now 7-5, winners of four direct games. They lead the pack. The eagles just have to win, baby. That's all there is to it. We can not seek help from other teams. We should not expect happy jumps. We are not in the position to think that the officials will miss a call on behalf of the Eagles. It is December.

Statistics to note for all 32 NFL teams that have an adjusted 82.3% completion rate in week 13 – PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz when not under pressure. This is the fifth best price for a quarterback this year and the second best for a quarterback in his third year in the last 13 seasons.

Why Carson Wentz and the Eagles Fight the Deep Ball – Inquirer
But Wentz and the Eagles have moved closer to their 2016 form this season. He has only completed 15 of 38 passes for 527 yards with three touchdowns and four interceptions. His rating of 73.8 is only slightly higher than 2016 (64.2), as he completed 21 of 64 passes for 654 yards with six touchdowns and six interceptions. Including the numbers of Nick Foles (2 out of 9 for 64 yards without touchdowns or interceptions), the Eagles are among the NFL's worst offenses this season. Only the New York Jets (36.5), Bills (43.7), Ravens (56.7), Panthers (58.6) and Redskins (69.9) have a lower rating in 11 games than the Eagles (70th) ,1).

Silva's Week 13 Matchups – Rotoworld
Although not without great fear in the first half, Philadelphia finished the lost sledge at this year's 25-22 comeback win over the Giants. The recently anointed back hit Josh Adams was the star of the show in the second half. He set the season's highest in snaps (62%) and rounds (22) in 84 yards and a score, though he had lost a 52-yard touchdown against C Jason Kelce's holding penalty in the first quarter. Corey Clement only worked as a tempo change on seven touches and Wendell Smallwood was discontinued. Adams is a lead runner's favorite in a plus draw and can build on his breakout play against a Washington-based defender who turned his back on 95/476/1 (5.01 YPC) last month and the NFL's fifth-highest allows receptions per game to the back of the opponent (6.4) per year. Adams is a high-end RB2 in this plum spot. … The return of Darren Sproles (Achilles tendon) would hurt Clement and Smallwood more than lead runner Adams. … Washington's pass defense has also fallen apart and has capped six of the last nine quarterbacks in four out of the last five games and 285 out of the top 12 Fantasy scoring yards. Dak Prescott carved the skins for 9.3 yards per attempt and his best season record of 121.6 for Thanksgiving. In a game that controls Philly while Colt McCoy plays behind an injury-driven offensive line on the other side, Carson Wentz is an undervalued QB1 game against Washington.

Which NFL players should earn or lose the most money this season? ? – The Ringer
WR Golden Tate, Eagles: Tate kicked off the season with 28 passes for 389 yards and three goals in the first four Lions games. Since then, however, its production has diminished. He saw his role reduced to Detroit next month before being traded to the Eagles shortly before the deadline, forcing him to learn a new playbook and get ready for a new offense in the middle of the season. Things have not gone smoothly: The 30-year-old veteran has only caught 11 passes for 97 yards in three games. That's an average of just 8.8 yards per receive without touchdown. Tate is an excellent player and one of the best offensive duels in the recipient's position, but trading with Philadelphia has not helped his volunteer cause so far.

Eagles coaches know how Doug handled Pederson's mishaps: "I told him I wish I could be more like him" – The Athletic
Offensive coach Jeff Stoutland: "I told him I wish I could I told him, he is like that (showing a straight line with his hand), he is the same guy, there is never panic in his behavior, he is the same person, the same coach, the same guy I admire that, I'm the same way, but it's different than him, it's like "Full Metal Jacket" around the clock, and sometimes I wish I could … whatever. "

Why is Carson Wentz still optimistic, will things be reversed? – NBCSP
"I think for some it could be, but I think we handled things so we were always trying to be optimistic Believing in ourselves and really showing some of the things we do Doing well And saying "Hey, that's something we can build on" or "We just missed a bit and that can make a big difference." So we were really good at staying positive, optimistic too stay, but if not We have the chemistry and culture we have here, no doubt it would be easy to be pessimistic and to go down on yourself, but we coped pretty well.

The best and worst teams in the history of all 32 NFL franchises – ESPN
Current season: 5-6 (38th best of 59 seasons in franchise history since 1960). Best season: 2002 (12-4). Worst Season: 1972 (2-11-1). The long-awaited 2017 Super Bowl winners ranked third in the history of the modern Eagles, partly because Nick Foles struggled in the last three games of the regular season. Dick Vermeil's beloved 1980 Eagles are not the best team in the Andy Reid era in Philadelphia. Other Reid teams continued to make it through the postseason, but the 2002 Eagles were among the top four in the attack and defense rounds before falling victim to later Super Bowl champion Buccaneers in the NFC championship game. Washington apparently regards Reuben Foster as an outlook in 2019 – PFT
moments before the NFL made it clear that linebacker Reuben Foster should not play until further notice, Washington announced that rebuilt linebacker Reuben Foster will not play until further notice may. Which means that Washington necessarily sees the $ 257,000 it pays Foster over the season, as a payment for the privilege of having him on the team sometime in 2019 and beyond.

The 5 O'Clock Club: Finally! The Eagles! – Hogs Haven
If the Eagles can win, they would take second place in the division. The first Dallas team is in the 14th week next to the schedule. That would cause trouble for the Redskins, who would lose a tie in both teams in this scenario, meaning that the winner of the match in Philly-Dallas would be no worse off than a draw for first place and ahead of Washington at the end of week 14 Even if the Redskins take care of the business against the giants. This would put a lot of pressure on the Redskins to hope for a playoff spot. In short, though they are not exactly a season killer if they lose on Monday night, the Redskins really need to win in Philly this week if they want to keep their season off of life support.

How It All Wrong in Packerland – Sports Illustrated
In the history of Packers you do not have to look too far to find out how this tension can contribute to the increase in size. Former coach of Packers Mike Holmgren and quarterback Brett Favre were also known for their fiery leggings. Matt Hasselbeck was a backup quarterback from 1998 to 2000 in Green Bay. He says Holmgren threatened to shoot Andy Reid, Favre's beloved quarterback coach, when he felt the quarterback was getting out of hand. "If you change the game again, I will fire Andy Reid. Do you want him to be unemployed? It was a good way to reach Brett, to be honest, "says Hasselbeck. "Brett loved Andy, so it was like this: no, anything but that! I think that kind of tension is pretty normal.

Source: Eli Manning could recur in 2019 as Giants' # 39; start QB – SNY
. Obviously, there are many variables in the Manning equation, none of which is the least he has played in the last five games. Another big deal is that Manning was signed with a salary of $ 11.5 million by 2019, with a roster bonus of $ 5 million in March, and a salary cap of $ 23.2 million Has. That's a tremendous sum for the soon-to-be-38-year-old quarterback, who has struggled in the past few years to stir the offense, even if he had one of his best statistical seasons in 2018. It was ruled out, the source said, "Who will replace him?"

Bad blood: Lions RB LeGarrette Blount considers Rams' Ndamukong Suh still a dirty player – USA TODAY
Two seasons ago LeGarrette Blount Did not run back when he called Ndamukong Suh a Dirty Player. When asked on Thursday if he still thinks Suh is a filthy player, Blount said, "I do." Blount declined to give an exact explanation of why he believes that Suh is playing dirty , "It does not really matter now," he said. The two have a story. In 2014, after the Lions lost in New England, Blount and Suh yelled at each other as they came off the field. And in 2017, Blount Suh tore off during an interview.

Who has the best rookie season from a crowded NFL class? – SB Nation
After a few weeks of explosive support, Josh Adams won 84 Rushing Yards against the Giants during the week of the 12th Week Eagles.

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