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Eagles News: Doug Pederson's old friend says Philadelphia should hold Nick Foles over Carson Wentz

Coming to Connections Philadelphia Eagles

Brett Favre says the Eagles should go with Nick Foles about Carson Wentz – NBCSP
"No disrespect to Carson Wentz. I think he has already proved that he is a great quarterback. Unlike Nick Foles. Nick Foles is for me more of a (Tom) Brady-style quarterback. Very limited in what he can do, but very, very good at what he does. He's a pure passer-by and he's great at spending it, and he's proven he holds on tight. He did it last week, he did it last year, he did it over and over and he proved he can win the big games. I think we have to look at that, the Eagles or anyone in a similar situation. It's about winning, it's about captivating and really doing what you expect from your players. And he does it as well as anyone else. "Favre spoke on his radio broadcast on SiriusXM NFL Radio, co-hosted by Bruce Murray.

Even one of the greatest haters in Philadelphia admits he's impressed by Eagles ̵

1; BGN
I do not think so say about the guy who once said, "Philadelphia is the stupidest sports city in America," but Colin Cowherd really got on well with the Philadelphia Eagles early in the week, you might think Cowherd could rip the eagles for the end of the 2018 season Instead, he argued that the Eagles were incredibly impressive in their play-off loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The future of the Eagles with Zack Rose Leaf – BGN Radio
Michael Kist speaks at the stroke of Eagles writer Zack Rosenblatt of NJ.com to take a look back at the 2018 season before a Series of topics is discussed, what happens to the Eagles before the 2019 season! Enjoy the show? Be the first to write a review for Apple Podcasts! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

The Eagles' 2017 offseason ranking must be bright to very stable – PhillyVoice
One of the Eagles squad's strengths over the past few seasons has been the defensive line. and there have not been any recent years in terms of the pass storm. And you know what? They do not want to be the team that can not reach the quarterback. The lack of a pass rush is a fatal mistake for many teams, especially in today's NFL, where there are so many elite quarterbacks you can easily dismantle when they have time to throw. If you can not influence the quarterback, you are in big trouble.

Eagles' Success Is Based on the Culture of Doug Pederson – PE.com
Pederson waited for every last player to move through the tunnel, greeting each one with a hug or a slap on his back. Some greetings lasted longer, depending on whether the player wanted to take that moment or just move on. But everyone was sincere and had a positive impact. "I've never seen this before," said longtime defender Chris Long. "There is nothing wrong. I mean, there is nothing wrong. Many people, when they get power in the league and get the head coach, do not treat people the way Doug treats someone. I really appreciate him very much.

Biggest Decisions Dependable on All 32 NFL Teams in 2019 – ESPN
Super Bowl LII defense hero Graham played a high ankle sprain last season and was not fully fit for much of the 2018 campaign In the end, he had four sacks – his lowest since 2013 – but the 30-year-old gained momentum over the course of the season. He can be a force both against the run and as a pass rusher, and he has been a key figure in the locker room in recent years. Graham loves it in Philadelphia. If the Eagles get him with a discount, a deal could come about. But his best chance of a bigger payday will be elsewhere.

Howie Roseman Defends Eagles – New Medical Staff After Seasonal Injury – Inquirer
Wentz confirmed that he wanted to consult a doctor and that his doctors considered this possible were difficult to diagnose through testing. He said that the Eagles made treatment dependent on his symptoms, which, he said, were "up and down." Roseman, when asked why the Eagles could not diagnose the Wentz injury earlier, especially when he emerged the Injury Report declined to provide details. "I'll let Carson talk about his own injury," Roseman said. "Everything we've done has adhered to the NFL rules." Wentz was never placed in the injured reserve, but he missed the last three games of the season when Nick Foles led the Eagles into the postseason with the support of Nick Foles. Wentz also missed both playoff games and said he hoped to be available if the Eagles continued to advance. Wentz said he is expected to make a full recovery and stay well in the long term. Roseman said the Eagles are confident that their 26-year-old quarterback, whom Pederson has declared as a starter for next season, may in the future be a starter for 19 games. Nineteen games would mean that the Eagles return to the Super Bowl. A healthier season would help make that possible.

It's time for Nick Foles to take a stand – PFT
If, as it seems, the Eagles play the contractual situation of Foles so that they have the control Foles must be sure for his rights for 2019 Everyone recognizes that he has great power. From the Eagles, who are exercising an option of $ 20 million for 2019, until Foles claims its right to acquire its $ 2 million free travel for the Eagles with a franchise date of approximately $ 25 million Making it clear to Foles that he would like to sign the one-year tender will refuse to sign a long-term contract with the Eagles or any other person who does not take into account the $ 30 million he would earn under the name of 2020, and insist Preparing to go year after year in Kirk Cousins ​​style,

Pick Six Podcast: Here are the teams most likely to trade for Steelers Antonio Brown – CBS Sports
. So who makes sense? as a potential candidate? Pick Six host Will Brinson agreed with La Canfora that nearly every NFL team outside Steelers' AFC North rivals could be a realistic trading partner for a Brown caliber player. The latter, however, has an idea of ​​exactly where the long-time All-Pro could land. "I think he lands in the NFC," said La Canfora. "I think you look at the eagles, I think you look at the Seahawks, I think you look at the 49s, I think you look at the Packers. And then, who do not you look? "

What will the Jaguars get from John DeFilippo? – Big Cat Country
One of the great assets of DeFilippo is he is known as a teacher. This could be very important if the Jaguars decide to draw a quarterback on their first lap, although Nick Foles is likely to be driven up with the rental car speculation.

Redskins Coaching News: Greg Manusky Will Retain His Job After Jay Gruden Talks to Potential Substitute Members – Hogs Haven
Greg Manusky is back! I know you are as excited as Jay Gruden to hear this news. The Redskins had some informal talks with several former head coaches / defense coordinators for the DC job, which is not officially open in Washington. Everyone they talked to (Todd Bowles, Steve Wilks, Gregg Williams and Joe Woods) found other jobs in the NFL and joined Gruden's lame duck coaching staff.

The Incredible Performances of Young Andy Reid – Sports Illustrated
"His waist was probably twice my size and he was probably five inches taller than anyone else," says Pallas. Ken Gerard, one of Reid's sports teachers at Thomas Starr's King Junior High School, estimates that Reid stood at about 6 & 2 and weighed 220 pounds at the age of 13. Reid's friends confirm that he was about on this scale.

The Chiefs' Underrated Passover Rush May Be the Key to Stopping Tom Brady – The Ringer
The trio of Justin Houston, Chris Jones and Dee Ford form one of the two more fearsome pass-rushing units in the NFL – and their success could send Kansas City to the Super Bowl

NFL Playoffs Panic Index 2019: Tom Brady has fewer postseason victories than Mark Sanchez – SB Nation
The Patriots don & # 39; In January, they often have to take to the streets, but when they do, they "fight" at least as much as the patriots ever did. They are only 3-4 as the away team in the Brady-Belichick era. Brady's three wins are in fact less than Mark Sanchez in his post-season career – in fact, one of Sanchez's four road victories was also one of the three Homesick of the Patriots. Less road playoff wins than Mr. Butt Fumble himself? How embarrassing.

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