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Eagles News: Earl Thomas considers Carson Wentz to be one of the NFL's best quarterbacks

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After 2 days of joint exercises, Ravens understand the hype surrounding Eagles' offense – NBCSP
Carson Wentz was coming in great excitement Season. Many national speakers have even selected him as an MVP candidate. All-Pro-Security Earl Thomas III understands the hype. After acknowledging that it was difficult to get really good reading about Wentz this week after just two joint exercises between Eagles and Ravens, the 30-year-old Pro Bowl security expert offered, "I would tell you, in There's a small group of people in this league that you would consider elite, "Thomas told NBC Sports Philadelphia. "And I think he's definitely in this pool."

Carson Wentz was stressed and in pain. So he left that behind ̵

And so this postseason that the quarterback once described by an employee as a "ghost" in the establishment – because he was always there, but riddled the ribbons of playing bands – is more become busy, engaged. Veterans have noticed that he strives to build a bond not only with regular offensive players, but with everyone on the Eagles' depth map. During the warm-up, Wentz stays on the practice field to entertain a few defenders at the bottom of the list before he jumps in line. He had brought groups of offensive and defensive players home to grill this summer. He took his insulting linemen with him to dinner and knew best how to make himself popular with the men from the beginning. He brought his receivers to his home in Texas to train for the week. "We spent a lot of time in the spring and apparently just trying to get together, connect, train and get off the field during the summer," says recipient DeSean Jackson. "We spend so much time here, but as long as you sometimes get off the field and do not include the playbook and just talk about life in general just to build something [that bond] – he does."

9 players seen during Eagles' third pre-season game – BGN
Mack Hollins – # 16. Hollins looked good in special teams last week, but did not do much on offense. Hollins then went on to drop two deep receptions in practice this week. Despite his struggles and previous health problems, I do not understand that Hollins is in serious danger of being hurt. The performance of a special team is important if you are a fifth receiver and we know that Hollins is good at it. However, he can certainly help his case by playing one or two pieces on offense.

The Kist & Solak Show # 111: Investigating the Crime of Eagles – BGN Radio
Michael Kist and Benjamin Solak delve deeply into the Eagles' offense by doing Carson Wentz's Sack Analyzes, RPOs, 12 employees, DeSeans Ripple effect and much more examine! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Eagles stock up / stock down on completion of training camp exercises – PhillyVoice
RB Miles Sanders: Sanders is easily the most explosive return in the team, but as a bonus addition, he has concerns over his ability in passport protection and as a receiver suppressed from the backfield. He should run back the first week. I can not imagine why he will not be, except that he is a freshman. From my point of view, who cares? In the last three years, four rookie running backs have landed in the top 2 of the rushing yards. It is not difficult to get into a position where you can play well.

PS Game Review – PHI 24, JAX 10 – Iggles Blitz
Daeshon Hall – Another strong performance. Bit heavy on counterfeiting and get QB wide on Bootleg. Must stay outside. Turned and hastily pursued, so you like the effort. Just blown by the RT and hit the QB to throw the ball. Gerry recovered. Really well burst and dip. He reached for the blocker with his hands. Hit the ball with his helmet. Exploded by using Inside Move to get through TE. Created TFL for LB. Timed his exit really well. Consistently disturbing. Hardly missed another bag. QB stepped into his pocket to avoid Hall. Offside jumping. Late in half at the RDE started and brought a sack. Used alighting and hands to beat the LT. Spent too much time celebrating after that and nearly got burned, but rushed back to the line when he realized that it was an emergency situation.

2019 NFL Preseason Week 3 Preview: Players featured in all 16 games – PFF
Offensive duel in the first round Andre Dillard could not have done better in his NFL career. The Washington-based product scored an overall rating of 83.8 and an even more impressive 89.0 in its 70 defensive snaps this preseason. And Daeshon Hall is on the same path. The third-class classic of 2017 recorded a pass-rush of 95.4 over 30 pass-rush snapshots and recorded a whopping eight overall impressions.

The RB Position May Be Most Difficult to Predict on the 53-Man List – PE.com –
Those are three setbacks that you generally think would make the list, right? Well, the Eagles will have more than three players on the 53-man squad, and that's where it gets really interesting. Corey Clement looked great in both of their trainings against Baltimore and could be lining up for Baltimore for some time to cause a post-rehabilitation injury after a knee injury last season. Clement does everything for the Eagles, including playing a valuable role in special teams. Wendell Smallwood had a summer under the radar after that – did you know that? – Lead the Eagles in cumulative rapid travels over the past two seasons. Smallwood has proved that he is a good footballer in this league.

Brett Toth from West Point joins the Eagles and is ready to serve: "Everything I do represents the army & # 39; – The Athletic
"Imagine, he is credible You will need to know with these young men and women in the ROTC program on Sunday afternoon that they are watching him in an Eagles uniform, and on Monday morning he will be in with them sitting in a classroom, "said Monken. "The credibility and excitement you need to learn and train from an officer like Brett Toth, who plays NFL football at the highest level with the best players in the world, and he … the one who trains them? This not only benefits those who already participate in the program, but also inspires other students who have not considered ROTC. "This is part of the reason why Toth is in Philadelphia in the first place, so if there is someone who is interested and qualified to visit West Point, but also has ambitions to be a professional, this does not have to be mutually exclusive." Toth believes that the possibility of a waiver, underlined by his presence, "will certainly attract more athletes (to the armed forces)." And he will pay more attention to West Point, as well as other former cadets like the Steelers Pro Bowl offensive Alejandro Villanueva Toth may be at the bottom of the Eagles' list – on the depth map and in a makeshift locker – but he recognizes the platform that awaits him and why his visibility is important.

What will the Ravens contribute to? LG Do? – Baltimore Beatdown
Although the Ravens have exhausted all the internal LG options, Eric DeCosta has been considering looking for help externally to search the position. Veterans Vladimir Ducasse and Evan Smith can be considered viable plugs for the ravens. In addition, the Ravens will be watching a series of Philadelphia Eagles' offensive lineages, notably Stefen Wisniewski, as the squad is reduced from 90 to 53.

Madness on 43 Yards: The Bear Kicker Competition through the Eyes of Those Who Have Lived It – MMQB
Obsession! Conspiracy theories! Questionable mathematics! Welcome to the Bears Kicker Competition. Seven months after the doppelganger lost their hopes for the Super Bowl, Chicago is obsessed with finding the right foot as pressure increases on its next big kick. A glimpse into the wildest kicksurfing ever, from those who lived it.

Browns sign wide receiver Braxton Miller – Dawgs By Nature
Miller was originally selected by the Houston Texans in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He spent two seasons with the Texans, performing in 21 games and scoring 34 passes for 261 yards and two touchdowns. The Texans relinquished Miller before the 2018 season and he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, where he spent the year in the training team. The Eagles released Miller on the weekend after having no influence on the team.

Will Josh Doctson be traded or released before the start of the season? – Hogs Haven
Well, I know fans of MANY Redskins would not be shocked if Doctson traded before the start of the season, but a direct cut? If this is indeed true (and it seems very likely) that Doctson is on the depth map behind Richardson, Quinn, McLaurin and even Sims, would it surprise you if the Redskins release him?

That's so bad- They're good new XFL team names, ranked – SB Nation
The XFL is back, baby! I do not know how you should feel about it. To be honest, I do not know what to think of it. It's 2019 and the XFL is coming back and we're getting a new Matrix movie. Down is up, time is a flat circle and everything is weird. More football is good, because we have an infinite, unquenchable thirst for tall men who bring an egg-shaped ball in the intended goal position. On Wednesday, the XFL introduced their first eight teams, and now, in the old tradition of the Internet, we need to judge those team names to determine which is the top one.

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