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Eagles News: Jason Kelce tells Nick Foles, "Being a backup quarterback is not what this guy should be."

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Jason Kelce has agreed on the future of Nick Foles – WIP
"There is no question that the guy is a backup Be quarterback, I think we all see that, "Kelce said of Foles. "And the reality is that it's probably going to be somewhere else – even with the incredible season he's playing, we're in a unique situation right here in Philadelphia, where we have a massive young quarterback whose future lies ahead He still has a rookie contract and then you have another one who unfortunately was in the league for a long time There are a lot of different dynamics so I stay out there I'm sure the Eagles organization is going to be that

Mike Zimmer is definitely not crazy that Doug Pederson may have called Matt Nagy to ask the bears to beat the Vikings ̵

1; BGN
The well-adapted room, allegedly once a stuffed animal massacre It definitely does not matter, he probably does not mind at all, he's not crazy, actually it's funny for i

The Kist & Solak Show # 59: Review of the Eagles-Texans Film – BGN Radio
Michael Kist and Benjamin Solak are giving an update on the injury scenario and the playoff scenario before entering the movie USA dive 32-30 of the Eagles win against the Texans! Foles vs. Watson was fun, and other overarching topics are fully analyzed! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Not so Stupid – Iggles Blitz
Remember the changes from 2017 to 2018. The 2017 workforce had their best four WRs for most of the year. They had three talented, experienced TEs. They had three good RBs to work with. The OL was pretty healthy, except for JP's injury. The 2018 workforce was struggling with all kinds of WR injuries. The # 3 TE has missed most of the year. The # 2 TE is a rookie. RBs came and go throughout the year. The OL has dealt with excruciating injuries most of the season. And the QB missed a lot of offseason exercises while he was raking a torn ACL. He then dealt with a question that was more serious than anyone knew. Even if you return Flip and Rich to the employees of this year, the results for 2018 will not be the same. There were just too many topics for this group to be as dominant as last year. Doug Pederson is still a good coach. He is still a smart coach.

Doug Pederson: Carson Wentz is our type – PFT
coach Doug Pederson reiterated Wednesday that the Eagles are fully committed to Wentz as their quarterback of the future. "I think you need to keep talking," Pederson said during his press conference. "I do not think you necessarily have to go some way to make sure [you communicate that to him]. He understands. He knows the situation in which he is. He tries to get well. But at the same time, I want him to understand that, hey, he's our type. He is the guy we designed and is our quarterback. I do not have to sit there and always encourage. he knows it. But we have a conversation and I try to encourage him as much as possible.

If you think that Nick Foles is a long-term answer for the Eagles, you are drunk – Daily News
To the growing faction of curious Eagles fans: You may want to replace Nick Foles Carson Wentz and for always your quarterback is. You are not you drunk. Worse, you're a lightweight. You have been intoxicated by seven career start of 47.

Why Nick Foles' contract means this is probably his last season with the Eagles – Sports Illustrated
1. The Eagles must decide whether they want to avail themselves of the option of using Foles (and his salary of 20 million dollars) 30 days before the league year 2019, ie in the week after the Super Bowl. 2. If the eagles do not exercise the option, Foles becomes a free agent. 3. If and when the Eagles exercise the option, Foles must make a decision within five days. 4. If Foles decides to cancel the option and terminate the agreement, he will have to pay back the Eagle's $ 2 million, the amount of its 2018 signing bonus, and become a free agent. 5. If Foles decides not to cancel the option and stay with the Eagles, the salary of $ 20 million will be guaranteed on the fifth day of League 2019 (18 March).

Statistics to note for all 32 NFL teams entering the week 17 – PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: Since Michael Bennett joined the NFL in 2009 as an undocumented rookie, he has had 527 regular season pressure. Only Cameron Wake and Von Miller have put more pressure on them over the past decade.

Scramble for the Ball: 2018 All-rookie Team – Football Outsiders
On the opposite sideline, in the green corner, Doug Pederson showed the aggressiveness as fourth and in two-point situations, making him the winner of several Hermies did. On the very first ride of the Eagles they were in second place on the Houston 37 in a long field. Instead of trying the long kick, Pederson had made his insult – and did so – resulting in a 37-yard touchdown pass from Nick Foles to Darren Sproles. Three laps later, two points behind after a Jadeveon Clowney strip bag gave the Texans a 5-yard touchdown, the Eagles were fourth and third on the Texans' 8-yard line. Again and again they went and converted them – then they drove on the 1-yard line to the fourth and second goal, where they went again, and again they converted. On four drives, three attempts with the fourth descent had reached 13 points (the Eagles missed the two-point conversion after the second touchdown). Pederson was not aggressive for the entire game – he decided to try to score a field goal in the end when the Eagles had the first and a tenth in the Houston 19-yard line – but his aggressive early decisions were playing a big role in the Eagles keep their season alive. O'Brien's conservatism was in sharp contrast to the Texans saying goodbye to the pole position in the AFC playoffs for a Bye.

The turns and turns of the WR group this season – PE.com
A passing game that was not consistent For much of the season, the Eagles has won four of their last five games. It has helped make Jeffery healthy, all the way back from his rotator cuff injury, and it's virtually impossible to have one-on-one talks. Agholor has been working hard to be a threat both externally and in its slot position. Golden Tate, which was bought at the close of trading at the end of October, has played in seven games and worked his way into the mix, including weeks in which he was very busy and others in which he was very little targeted. Jordan Matthews, who was added at the start of the season when Wallace fell, has 20 catches and two touchdowns and was a third goal.

Four Must-See Matchups in NFL Week 17 – The Ringer
I've noticed that an argument has evolved since Nick Foles took over for Carson Wentz. I will not call it a straw man argument or a hot take. It is more of a pre-take and argues a position that is not even debated. Wentz is definitely better than Foles. This is obviously obvious. Wentz was MVP candidate in 2017 and played well this year before injuring his back. Foles fluttered in his September start, but led the Eagles to two wins in December since replacing Wentz. Crucially, next year Foles will cost $ 20 million against the cap, making it far more expensive than Wentz's $ 8.4 million cap. It's clear who Philadelphia is not. A quarterback is when both players are healthy. Foles that lead the Eagles into the postseason are a low probability event. FiveThirtyEight gives them a 28 percent chance of reaching the playoffs. If he succeeds in winning them and winning two or more games, he will consolidate his status as a football god. Rather than worrying about who will be starting for Philadelphia next year (it'll be Wentz), we should enjoy another crazy year with a fun, playful boost from Foles.

A difficult part, Tim Jernigan hopes to have influence with Eagle's season line – NBCSP
Tim Jernigan was happy to be back on the field on Sunday. After an off-season in which he seriously considered his footballing future, Jernigan could not play in the first 10 weeks of the year before he made his seasonal debut against the Giants on 25 November. He played 20 snaps in this game and was looking forward to completing the season well, but shortly before the game in Washington on December 3, he had some cramps in his back. After the long journey back to the field, he had to sit for the next three games. But he came back on Sunday. You may be wondering if it is hard to get back in shape now, but the 26-year-old defender does not see it that way. "The hardest part is over. The hardest part was watching, "Jernigan told NBC Sports Philadelphia on Sunday night. "The good, the bad and the middle are my brothers. I want to be with them. The hardest thing for me personally was watching. Just getting on the field, being part of the solution, being part of another Sunday in Philly at the Linc, it was just a great feeling for me. I have to value every moment. "

Bruce Allen continues to emerge from the field, New Redskins businessmen are being exterminated – Hogs Haven
Bruce Allen does not master his authority with changes or challenges. He also has the magical ability to always find a scapegoat (or scapegoats for failing as a football manager). The Redskins made some changes to the organization's business side this year to improve the fan and stadium experience. People like Brian Lafemina and Jake Bye were seen as a move in the right direction for a franchise that was not functional for a long time ,

2019 Draft News: QB Justin Herbert returns to Oregon – Big Blue View
If the New York Giants wanted to hope for their quarterback position with their first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, they have a chance to do so Justin Ducks quarterback Justin Ducks has announced that he will return to school for Senior Season.

Christmas Sam: Darnold promises a bright future – The Draft Network
These games play a role because they remind us that Sam Darnold's next season will be a 22-year-old quarterback with wonderful physical potential. He has good size and agility, a good view when playing games, and a bad arm while running. Its speed and accuracy do not really fall off bad platforms, which helps it to cope with pressure blockages and broken pockets. Physically, the guy is equipped as with USC – only this year, he will have the valuable experience of the NFL, which helps to stabilize its ebb and flow.

Viking Injury Update: Eric Kendricks, Xavier Rhodes do not practice unsafe for Sunday – Daily Norseman
Two key members of the Minnesota Vikings defense could play against the Chicago Bears at US Bank Stadium this Sunday. Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press reports that Eric Kendricks and Xavier Rhodes did not train on Wednesday. Kendricks did not play against the Detroit Lions over an injured hamstring, and Rhodes stopped playing with a groin in the middle of the fourth quarter. Upon request, coach Mike Zimmer says of her return, "I do not know. We will see.

NFL Selection 2018, Week 17: Experts' Predictions for Final Playoff Order – SB Nation
Philadelphia has its roots this week for the Bears. The Eagles are holding on to a thin whisper of playoff hopes, and to return to the postseason they need the Vikings to lose and beat Washington itself. The later part of it should not be a problem, not according to our panelists, but the former requires some luck. On the other hand, the Eagles have Nick Foles, who is like a rabbit's foot, wrapped in a four-leaf clover.

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