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Eagles News: Nigel Bradham talks about why he was missing

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Nigel Bradham explains absence: & # 39; I did not really deal with the phone & # 39; – NBCSP
"Actually, I Should Travel But after a run and everything I've done, I probably ate something that did not settle down well in my stomach," he said after training on Thursday. "So it just would not work to make this trip." Bradham admitted that he should have contacted Pederson or somebody with the Eagles before they had to talk to him to see where he was. "Simply communicate better, obviously," he said. "But I did not feel well, so obviously I did not really care about the phone and tried to approach it, that's all it was."

Eagles vs. Washington Game Preview: Five Questions and Answers With the Enemy ̵

1; BGN
I guess the Eagles will win 13 – 10. I imagine it will be a very defensive game with a lot of jump-offs and potential sales, and I imagine that part of that rating is from the If not, it probably will not be good for the skins, as I said earlier, the Eagles are favored by a game script that favors each team's pass attack, but games from the first week are always the hardest to predict as we have no idea This is one of the fun things about the NFL, and every year the teams surprise us, and for the season, I'd say we're going 8-8, but we could do that not surpass or fall short. With Case Keenum at QB I do not expect much worse than with Alex Smith, but not much better either. Case will probably turn the ball more, but he will probably make more 50-50 shots and open the receiver. I think that under him, for the most part, we will follow last year's profit pattern, where the defense can keep the score low and dominate the current game, but we will be blown away in matches that turn into shootouts, and we will be left behind early. The big X-factor, however, is the development of Dwayne Haskins, as he seems to have the potential (if he can fix his mistakes and become more consistent) to win shootouts and play games on his back.

Eye On the Enemy # 1: Mark Bullock Previews Week 1 – BGN Radio
NEW SERIES! … in an expansion of the Offseason's Eye On The Enemy series, this iteration will provide an outside perspective every week to continue to defeat the Eagles' upcoming opponents! This week it's Mark Bullock from The Athletic Washington who tells his side of the story that Washington is coming to town in Week 1 to play the Eagles! Moderated by Michael Kist. Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Predictions for the 2019 NFL season: Playoffs, Super Bowl, Draft Order and Individual Awards – PhillyVoice
Carson Wentz, MVP: Wentz will partner with an elite offensive line, a talented set of recipients with diverse abilities, significantly improved returns and the best duo in the league. Oh, and he's pretty good too. It's all there for Wentz to set big numbers in 2019 and do great things.

Culture and Character – Iggles Blitz
The Eagles have a strong dressing room and team culture. They remember when they move out of season. The Eagles are ready to take a risk for someone with a great personality, but they make sure they believe things can work out. Michael Bennett was an outspoken player in Seattle. The Eagles said he was worth the risk and Bennett played at a high level last year. The Eagles did not want to give him any more money, so they treated him in this off-season. DeSean Jackson had unpleasant moments with each of his three teams. Again, the Eagles found the move useful. The Eagles have wisely limited their investment in these players. No one gets a mega deal that the team can not leave. They do not use any important resources to get these players. As much as the Eagles want talent, they believe in the team first and foremost. You also do not want to undermine the coach. This philosophy has served the team well. Culture and character are important.

DeSean Jackson is out on Redemption, and that's bad news for the NFL – ESPN
But Pederson has a good feeling for Jackson and has watched him take the lead. Rookie receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside says that Jackson visits him every day and stays with him for about 20 minutes after training to give him extra work or tips. "He's there for everything I need," he said. Experienced teammates have determined that Jackson is fully committed and easy to work with. "He's a great guy, and only he got in here, he has a great attitude to learning and has learned things very quickly," said quarterback Carson Wentz. "And of course we have other hobbies and interests and things like that – he does not come to the woods to hunt with me or anything – but we can just talk about life, he has a few kids and everything, and we can talk about real life and everything and him as a dad, it was cool to get to know him on a deeper level, not just in football. "

NFL Preseason Power Rankings, Part 4: Philly Special is back and ready for Round 2 – The Ringer
1) Best Case Scenario: The Eagles won the Super Bowl two seasons ago thanks to the NFL's best squad, and guess what, this roster is better as the teams in the league fight to make the starter work Philly goes down twice in almost every position on the depth map, with General Manager Howie Roseman launching an offensive attack against Andre Dillard in the first round of this April, giving the Eagles an emergency plan outlined by Jason Peters, 37, Z should miss missed. In the second round, Miles Sanders should emerge as the team's top scorer, even though Jordan Howard, Corey Clement and Darren Sproles are in the crowded field. Rookie receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside is an Alshon Jeffery clone – and Alshon Jefffery is still in the squad. Roseman also signed on to Malik Jackson and DeSean Jackson to complete relatively cheap deals this low season and further strengthen two important position groups. The amount of talent on this list is absolutely ridiculous.

How a Notebook Helped Cam Newton Revisit His Learning Strategy – MMQB
Make Jordan Howard early and Miles Sanders late. The Eagles like what they got from the ex-bear in the summer, and I suppose he's the postman as the trainers get Sanders up and running. And I think once Sanders, a guy the staff sees as a real three-down man, arrives there, it's going to be his show. It's worth noting that Philly's backcourt with Corey Clement and Darren Sproles is also pretty far behind these two. And yes, as we reported on Wednesday, they kicked the tires of Melvin Gordon. But those were the Eagles looking for a potential discount deal – and part of their philosophy, a team that puts their toes on pretty much everything in the pool (they did that with Jadeveon Clowney). Conclusion: you are really satisfied with the back.

Placements: Top 10 Run-Blocking Offensive Lines in the NFL – PFF
1st Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles took first place in the offensive ranking of PFF senior analyst Mike Renner after the preseason and can combine this with a first place in the ranking of top run blocker units in the league until 2019 anchored by Jason Kelce in the middle and his league-leading 92.9 run-blocking score over the last three seasons. Kelses team-mate Lane Johnson was one of the league's best runblockers, with a runblocker score of 84.7 since 2016, fourth among tackles with 1,000 or more offensive snaps. This front group was to open many lanes for the newcomers in the field – Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard.

Employee Predictions of 2019 – Football Outsiders
Derrik Klassen: Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots. Sure, we've seen this movie before, but some great movies deserve a sequel. The Eagles are prepared to return to their 2017 form while the Patriots are the Patriots. The plethora of passers-by and the elite offensive strategy in Philadelphia could be enough to overthrow Tom Brady and Bill Belichick again. […] Vincent Verhei: Philadelphia Eagles on Los Angeles Chargers. I was in Vegas last month, putting money into the Eagles and Chargers to win their respective conferences. A few days later, Derwin James was hurt because he did it of course. But I still stay with the same two teams – apart from James's injuries, they seem to be the deepest and most complete squads in the league.

Bo Wulf and Zwick Berman Eagles Predictions – The Athletic
Most likely to get his first Pro Bowl nod – In Derek Barnett's first two NFL seasons, he picked up all 87.7 snaps – a better one Quote as Brandon Graham (105.1 Snaps) and Fletcher Cox (89.9 Snaps). Part of it is situational – as a rookie, Barnett did not play running downs as often as the others, so of course he had more chances at sack-per-snap – but he showed positive signs in the past season as a starter and put in 2.5 Sacks in the first four games before the shoulder injury first became a problem. The Eagles are optimistic about Barnett, and they expect him to make a big difference as an edge rusher, especially in sack production. (You may have heard that he broke Reggie White's record in three seasons in Tennessee.) Barnett does not have much competition for the season and plays a position for which statistics are playing a role in the Pro Bowl vote. If he's one of the league leaders in sacks in the first three months of the season, he'll be a legitimate contender for the Pro Bowl. Last season, there were 22 players with double-digit bag production, of which 15 were invited to the Pro Bowl. In 2017, 14 of the 18 players made double-digit sacks. And I'd bet that Barnett reached double-digit sacks before Graham, who has never been voted into a Pro Bowl in nine seasons, has reached double-digit sacks. The other players I've considered for this list, like Nigel Bradham, Ronald Darby, or Rodney McLeod, probably will not have statistics screaming Pro Bowl. On the offensive I do not think that players like Dallas Goedert, Miles Sanders or Nelson Agholor will have the necessary production. So give me Barnett. (My sleeper is Cameron Johnston.)

Who really knows how good someone is at the beginning of the regular season? – PE.com
And in truth, the Eagles do not really know who they are yet. This will take some time. "I think every team could say it knows what it has, and I speak only for the Philadelphia Eagles, and in the first few weeks, you may spend the time to find out who you are," said head coach Doug Pederson. "I've heard Tom Brady talk about it, I've heard Drew Brees talk about it, I've heard other coaches talking about trying to figure out what the identity will look like, even if beginners play in training camps (in preseason), play they do not stay long enough to truly find an identity.

The 5 O'Clock Club: Redskin Eagle Player – Would You Trade It? – Hogs Haven
I thought I'd get some HYPOTHETIC player to offer for-player trading scenarios to see what you think about them.These proposals are not intended as serious trading propositions, but as a conversation starter – a simple "what if" to make us think before the game this week to move the schedules of Philly and Washington. I offer up to 4 Pretend trades.

Kyle Tanguay, Cheerleader at the Philadelphia Eagles, gets all the feelings from the fans – Outsports
He was not "the guy with the cheerleaders", he was just a "cheerleader". He was there to celebrate their favorite team and that was enough for the fans who were preparing for the season so far. "One thing the Eagles fans do well is they do not make me a man or gay," Tanguay told Outsports. "They are just happy to be part of the team."

Fantasy Football Ranking 2019: End of the First Week – FakeTeams
3) Zach Ertz Vs. WHAT – He set a tight final record of 156 goals a year ago, and although this number will drop, I can not lower him in the rankings any further.

DK Nation is LIVE – just in time for the football season! – DraftKings Nation
Welcome to DK Nation! We are a newly formed partnership between DraftKings and SB Nation and hope to become your destination for the best sports betting and daily tips for fantasy sports! DraftKings Nation combines the best of DraftKings and SB Nation to regularly prepare you for fantasy and gambling. DraftKings is your point of contact for daily fantasy football and sports betting. SB Nation has built the largest communities of the most passionate sports fans. We're both going to bring this together at DK Nation, and we hope that you can make DK Nation your one-stop shop for the best tips on fantasy and sports betting as you build confidence.

Jim Bankoff, CEO of Vox Media, for Media and Sports Betting – CNBC
Jim Bankoff, Chairman and CEO of Vox Media, discusses "Squawk Alley" with SB Nation's new partnership with Draft Kings.

Brett Toth "very grateful" for permission from the United States Army, PFT
Toth should work with the ROTC at Temple University in Philadelphia, but the squad changes have "launched a whole new process," the The JAG Corps of the army forced to refresh the movements of the NFL staff in the face of the changed address. Toth is grateful that everything worked out for him.

100 percent correct predictions for the 2019 NFL season, which we will definitely not regret later – SB Nation
The Chiefs were a penalty for the last Super Bowl. Their insane offense is more or less the same, and the defense will be better (not that there is much choice but to go somewhere). The Eagles have one of the most complete squads in the NFL and a majority of their players have been on the scene before. If you think the chiefs are cursed, many people said the same thing about the eagles until two seasons ago. This is the year, Kansas City. This is the year!

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