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Eagles News: Philadelphia has found "an advantage that threatens to throw away old-school NFL organizations"

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Eagles provide a roadmap for the analytic future of the NFL – ESPN
The Eagles had first installed the appropriate technology in 2014 – just one One-third of the league has gone through the five years that followed – building an already robust analytics department to decipher and arm the captured information. The Eagles are one of the few teams to use this information to create game plans and strategies, said John Pollard, vice president of sports business development for Zebra. "The Eagles have long been at the forefront of using and leveraging technology advancements and information," said Pollard. "They are a model organization when it comes to considering the use of information and its daily application." Like their colleagues at NBA and MLB, Philadelphia's employees have been overwhelmed with the increasing power of Ivy Leaguers analytics in sports, from Paganetti to vice president of football operations Andrew Berry (business / computer science, Harvard). The head of the Eagles Analytics Department is Alec Halaby, a Harvard graduate and vice president of football operations and strategies, who has the ear of Lurie and General Manager Howie Roseman. In a parity-based league, teams like the Eagles, who play at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2 (8:20 pm and Sunday, NBC), have discovered an advantage that is dusting off old-school organizations threatens to throw

Three numbers for the game Eagles vs.. Falcons this week are significant ̵

1; BGN
73.1 – Matt Ryan's pass rating in his last three games against the Eagles. Jim Schwartz gets a lot of crap from Eagles fans. Some deserve it, others do not. One thing is for sure: there is not much room for criticism when it comes to the last three performances of Schwartz against the Falcons. The Eagles are 3-0 in these games, with the defense only allowing 38 total points, which is just 12.7 per game. The Eagles' defensive efforts against the Falcons in 2016 were particularly notable, as the Schwartz unit at the time of the season's low was NFL's # 1 in terms of points scored, total net scores, first defeats, offensive play and time possession of the ball. What was the secret of Schwartz's success? It is really easy. The Eagles could put a lot of pressure on Matt Ryan. Schwartz's defense has seen nine sacks and a whopping 32 quarterback goals over Ryan in their last three matches. As a result, Ryan's overtaking statistics were predictably bad: 54.5% close, 6.5 meters per attempt, two touchdowns, two interceptions and a pass rate of 73.1. Hard to win games when your quarterback publishes these numbers!

QB Scho Show # 32: Week 1, Matt Ryan Preview – BGN Radio
Michael Kist and Mark Schofield discuss the quarterback game of several teams a week These include Matt Ryan's fight against the Vikings, Mitch Trubisky's night in Bunker Hill against the Packers and Carson Wentz's big day against Washington! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Eagles Vs. Falcons: Five Matchups to Watch – PhillyVoice
2) The right side of Falcons-OL vs. Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox. The Eagles' secondary education will be helped if, as in the past, the Eagles can put some pressure on Ryan. Your best bet is on the right side of the Hawks line. At the start of the season, the Falcons launched two rookies – RT Kaleb McGary, who was drafted in 31st, and RG Chris Lindstrom, who entered the race in 14th. McGary is a 6: 8 offensive device that underwent cardiac surgery at the end of July. He missed most of the preseason and shared his work at RT with Ty Sambrailo, Week 1, against the Vikings. Lindstrom broke his foot in the first week and is now on IR. It seems that Jamon Brown will be next in Lindstrom's absence. Brown knows Cox well, since he has dealt with him in the last two seasons (2017 with the Rams and 2018 with the Giants) with him. Here's a gif from last season's matchup.

Eagles Movie Review: Carson Wentz Reminds Us of His Special Ability – NBCSP
These three games were all on the third descent – 3rd-and-Goal from the 5, 3rd, and 15, 3rd, and 7 – and all showed Wentz's unique ability to move out of the bag while keeping his field of vision in the background, not to mention his arm strength to actually make the passes. They also showed the relationship he has built with two goals he has had with him for several years. Throwing out of the bag is great, but that's what makes Wentz special.

Film and Numbers: Positional Scores for the Eagles in Week 1 – The Athletic
Douglas had a tough trip. He gave up a 69-yard touchdown for McLaurin and allowed two more finals, which went for the first downs. Douglas was beaten to a post in another McLaurin game, but Keenum was pressured and had no time to bring the ball to him. He also gave up the last landing late in the game. Douglas has to be much better against the Hawks. McLaurin ran past Jones, which could have been a long landing, but it looked as if Darby had to be low on the other side to help with the post. Keenum crashed McLaurin, and the game resulted in an incompleteness. Jones had a nice pass separation against Davis. Schwartz has to find his best three players here, and the corners have to be better. It was just a game, but Washington has one of the worst groups of passers-by in the league.

NFL Week 2 PFF Preview: Players to Watch, Advice for Fantasy Football and Betting Projections – PFF
DeSean Jackson's return to Philadelphia had an impressive start to week 1 when the 32-year-old racer scored eight of his nine goals for 154 yards and two touchdowns on his way to an overall rating of 88.7 against Washington. Only 18 of his 154 receiving yards came after the catch, six of his eight receptions were either touchdown or first down and he finished the game with an average target depth of 15.6. Jackson will test Atlanta's second division in more than one way and put the safety pressure on Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal to limit the big game. Grady Jarrett had one day against Minnesota, even though he had come home with the defeat. He tore the Viking outlines on their way to an overall score of 92.4 and a pass-rush score of 95.1. If Jarrett plays one of the best inside offensive lines in football, he has to be back in shape to have a significant impact on Sunday.

Tim Jernigan Must Push To Take Pass-Rush Slip-On The Loss Of Malik Jackson – Inquirer
Which almost certainly means that Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry occasionally go on the defensive just like him did it last year with Graham and Michael Bennett. "I do not know," Graham said. "We'll see. [Thursday] is the third day, so we'll see how they're going to do that." "The obvious disadvantage of moving ends inside is the risk of wearing them down, so do not be surprised That the Eagles have five Edge Rushers on their 46-man board. "Things are definitely changing [without Jackson]," said Curry. "He's a great player. The things he brings to our D-line are fantastic. It's hard that we have to play without him. "But Timmy, at the end of the day, we won a championship with this group, with him out there. He is looking forward to the challenge. He will make the most of his opportunity. "

CB Sidney Jones knows the challenge is real on Sunday – PE.com
Sidney Jones admitted that there was a hint of rust, and when he saw him recording the Sunday's win against Washington, he saw things he liked and he saw things he did not like very much. But by the end of the day, Jones had a positive experience and is moving forward to enter this prime-time game against Atlanta. He feels that he is going in the right direction. "I would say that, and that's my daily goal," Jones said on Wednesday after training at the NovaCare Complex. I'm feeling confident I know I'm not going to do any play I know I get beaten sometimes I just have to jump back when these things happen Some good, some bad, and I hate them The evil was bad for me when you watch the band, but it was the first game and it was my first series in which I settled in. I can only go on. "

Disputes after the ball: Fact or Fiction – Football Outsiders
Herm Edwards Award for the Game of Victory: By contrast, the Philadelphia Eagles were 34 points in the fourth half and a 1-7 home win against a team from Washington at the start of the second half. Not expected to be competitive in Philadelphia, Doug Pederson, after which we may soon have to rename this award, took the road less traveled, but analytically preferred – a quarterback Snea k was enough to get the first down, and the Eagles drove the rest of the field for a crucial landing in their 17-point win came from behind.

The New Eagles DT Akeem Spence is working on keeping up to date with a "realistic" chance to play on Sunday. – PennLive
Spence has seen what Cox and the Eagles defensive devices have done in Schwartz's system, and he watched as the Detroit Lions coach, Schwartz, put together disruptive defenses with duels against Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. "D-tackles ate in this system," Spence said. "D-tackles thrive in this system." This is the first time that Spence is in a situation where he is a season newbie who is expected to intervene immediately. He still has a lot to learn, but it's also an opportunity to reduce Jackson's loss.

What to Know About the Matchup Falcons – Eagles in Week 2 – The Falcoholic
The Eagles, although they are on the move and despite the fear in the first week, it is still a tough team to beat. Miles Sanders and Darren Sproles are well suited to the kind of outdoor runs in which the Hawks were killed against the Vikings, and Jordan Howard himself is a capable defender. Wentz will not be satisfied with 10 throws in this game either, which means that the Hawk's defense faces a more significant test than Minnesota's. It will not be an easy game. and the Hawks must keep DeSean Jackson in check with some new starters in the cornerback and two assets returning after serious injury.

Ereck Flowers debut at Left Guard for the Redskins was outstanding! – Hogs Haven
Haters will hate it anyway, but some may want to bite their tongue a little bit because they hate Ereck Flowers. I watched the game four times (though I have not yet published my film study breakdown) and to put it simply, the guy played VERY well when he first started on the left!

Chargers Bring Three Tight Ends For Workouts Amidst Hunter Henry Injury – PFT
Ben Koyack, Will Tye and Luke Willson were among the six players the Chargers lined up for training this week. All three players were in training camps with teams before being released on the weekend. Tye (Eagles) and Willson (Raiders) were released during the first cuts, while Koyack (Jaguars) was released the day after to make room for disclaimers.

Four things to know about Gardner Minshew II, the newest folk hero of the NFL – The Alarm Clock
He has a beautiful mustache. He is already breaking league records. The Jaguars quarterback has had an astonishing rise to that point, and he can only begin.

NFL Selection 2019, Week 2: Can the Saints get revenge on the rams? Experts say … maybe? – SB Nation
Here are all forecasts for the second week of the season with the reservation that they are not yet completed. Each expert has the option to change his selection until Friday if an injury or something else changes his mind. This week's guest selection of NFL blogs is Brandon Lee Gowton, manager of our Eagles Bleeding Green Nation site.

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