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Eagles News: Philadelphia has some problems with the cornerback and the wide receiver

Coming to the Philadelphia Eagles Left …

Barnwell: Answering Nine Questions That May Define the NFL Season – ESPN
If Ramsey's price goes down, the Eagles could make sense But Jaguars do not seem inclined to make their former first-round election. Other interesting corners also seem to be taboo. The Cardinals have rejected offers for suspended star Patrick Peterson. The Saints have buried the eminent Patrick Robinson of the former Eagles on their depth map, but they are unlikely to trade their former first-round runner up for a potential playoff rival. I suggested that the Eagles make a move for Steelers Corner Artie Burns, but the underused Burns was forced into the starting grid for Sunday's victory over the Chargers when Steven Nelson was injured. Philadelphia could wait until the trading deadline for teams that are currently vaguely competing to lose faith. The Broncos have won twice in a row, but they are 2-4 and veteran Chris Harris Jr. is a free agent at the end of the season. The 2-4 Titans are a mess on the offensive and Logan Ryan, who was one of the best corners in football in the first month of the season, has reached the final year of his deal. The giants would probably not do in-division trading with their rivals, but do they really need Janoris Jenkins if they are not fighting for a place in the playoffs? However, it's hard to see that the Eagles have enough corners to win against the Vikings, Aries and Saints in January.


2 Thoughts on the Loss of the Eagles vs the Vikings – BGN
I have written only a billion times, but it is worth repeating it again: the eagles are too slow. Offensively, there are no big game abilities, as Jackson is missing. In a modern NFL that involves speeding and scoring many points, the Eagles are trotting out this driving group of chain wheels. It's all the more frustrating when the Eagles lag behind, because it's not as if the Eagles are just a few big pieces away from deficits … like week 1 when they had Jackson. No, instead the Eagles have to methodically go down the field each time. It's like pulling on your teeth just to get points. PRIORIZE SPEED MOVING FORWARD! Even in defense, the Eagles have made slower turns. Douglas is a 4.6-player. Mills is a 4.61 player. Jones was 4.47 before his injury, but does not look that fast now. Why is not the speed appreciated?

The Failed Litmus Test by Kirk Cousins ​​- BGN Radio
Michael Kist and Brandon Lee Gowton respond to the embarrassing defeat of the Eagles in Week 6 with 38-20 against the Vikings' thoughts on what led to this moment has and where the Eagles go from here. They also read your THREE WORDS about this loss. Powered by SBNation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Distributing 10 prizes from the Eagles Vikings game – PhillyVoice
The award "On the bench or still injured": Sidney Jones. In a series in which the Vikings entered the red zone, Craig James, a mid-season Street Free agent, took over Jones and promptly issued a TD reception with a great tip from Diggs. Jones successfully avoided saying he was taken out for his hamstring, or taken out for this series, even though he was healthy. Either way, it's not good. Oh, and Jones also gave up a TD, though the Eagles were not able to pressurize Kirk Cousins, and cousins ​​had a perfect ball placement.

Rough Day in the Land of Purple – Iggles Lightning
There are many topics to discuss, but none that are greater than the Eagles Secondary. Stefon Diggs was 7-167-3 and Adam Thielen was 6-57-1. There were some impressive catches, but for the most part they had it easy. Too simple. We know that the Eagles DBs are not elite talents, but the issues have been exacerbated by confusion and discipline. Rasul Douglas was burned for a pair of long TDs. On the one hand, it looked like the eagles were in the coverage and the Vikings had a great call. Rodney McLeod took a cross and left Douglas alone with Diggs. If McLeod does not do that, the Crosser is wide open. They wish Douglas had a better long-range pace so he could catch up in this game and at least prevent the TD. There was another long ball TD. Douglas acted as if he expected deep help, but only one DB was behind him. I do not know who was to blame. We are in week 6. This defense should not have such problems.

The day after: The eagles have an identity. What will they do to change them? – The Athletic
As far as the identity of the Eagles is concerned, it is actually well cemented at the moment. In the defense they can stop the run perfectly. Even as they relinquished more than 100 rushing yards for the first time this season, they held Dalvin Cook at 41 yards at 16 runs. And against the pass their identity is one, which is characterized by corner balls and a below-average pass rush. This identity is so ingrained that a Viking team, which was the second-strongest team in the league on Sunday, opted for an offensive game against bombs. The Eagles' identity is also clear on offense: without much speed, the level of difficulty is increased for a unit that can navigate the field, relying on moments of unprecedented brilliance of the quarterback. Would the defense look different if Sidney Jones, who was touted as a first-round talent, would meet those expectations? Would the offense look better if JJ Arcega-Whiteside, the freshman second-round receiver, posed an immediate threat, like several other newbie recipients who were drafted after him? These questions are not relevant because it is easy to accumulate from the outside after a loss, but because they must communicate the decisions that Howie Roseman will make in the next few weeks when the trading deadline expires.

The loss of the Eagles against the Vikings shows that DeSean Jackson's absence is not just a big receiver problem – Inquirer
Asked why he has been used so often on shorter routes lately than on the field where he can use his enormous fishing radius to his advantage, he said: "That's them. I'm just trying to take advantage of what the defense has brought us and working on our game plan. "Jeffery insisted that even without Jackson, the Eagles have more than enough weapons to catch passports. "I give them credit," he said of the Vikings. "They kicked our [butt] today. But we can keep up with every team. I do not care who they are– they are. "Nelson Agholor was the only other Eagles receiver who got a pass against the Vikings, he had four receptions for only 42 yards, only one of his catches was over eight meters, Mack Hollins – the third receiver, as the Eagles 11- Heads-up personnel deployed, which was not much on Sunday – was targeted twice and had no catch, and then there's the mysterious disappearance of rookie wide receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside, who only got four picks from the Eagles in the draft to Sanders but was barely out in the field after 132 snaps in Weeks 2 and 3.

An afternoon Eagles in Minnesota should forget in the years 38-20 loss – PE.com
"They just beat us" Security Rasul Douglas said, "We knew it would be difficult to get their action working, we just have to be better, there is no other way to express it, we'll leave that behind, and so on correct your mistakes. That's what we do. Jones said, "I'm confident in myself. I felt good out there and just did not do any plays. We know how good this offense is and how good these recipients are. It is up to us. It's about what we do. We all have to be better. I know that I have to be better. It was a big loss for us. We have to do better. We have to do the details as a whole. The energy is there. The physicality is there. We just have to sharpen the details.

Roob's Observations after the Eagles 'Brutal Launch Fall to the Vikings – NBCSP
One piece really shows just how serious the Eagles' Eckback problems are. The Vikings had a 1st-and-10 just outside midfield, cousins ​​fell back, had great protection and made a difficult decision. Throw to a wide-open diggs heading for the endzone on the left side of the field, with Rasul Douglas following the game, or throw to an even more open Olabisi Johnson, who runs down the right side of the field after separating from Sidney Jones , If you are able to throw a TD of 51 meters to TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE at the same time, that is catastrophic. That's how the whole game went. The corners of the Eagles were simply beaten from start to finish. I do not know what the answer is. Will Jalen Mills come next week and change that after not playing for a year? You have to put him there. You have no choice. But the trading period has expired in a few weeks, and if the Eagles really believe that they are a playoff team, they have to get someone. Because that was embarrassing.

NFL Week 6 PFF ReFocused: Minnesota Vikings 38, Philadelphia Eagles 20 – PFF
One of the biggest inconsistencies on the pitch was to beat Miles Sanders back against the Viking linebackers. Sanders hit two bike routes for big wins, including one for a touchdown. The first was a 32-yard score at the start of the second quarter against Eric Kendricks. The second was a 45-yard strike against Anthony Barr, who brought the Eagles to the four-yard line for a subsequent landing. Philadelphia's Secondary fought the whole game for Diggs, Adam Thielen and the passing game of the Vikings. Specifically, Rasul Douglas was at the wrong end of a series of major Viking passes, including two long touchdowns for Diggs, though it appeared to be some sort of reporting misspelling. Fletcher Cox dominated Dakota Dozier's rink in Minnesota all day, and the rest of Philadephia's defensive line was solid overall, but that was not enough to make up for the explosive Minnesota passing game.

Stock Exchange Report: Eagles – Daily Norseman
Kirk Cousins, QB: Last week in this area, I said there was no one in the NFL who needed a good game more than Kirk Cousins ​​in terms of the Giants' Game. He did, but before the dust had settled, the story changed to "Well, Kirk is still sucking on good teams, so let's see how he deals with the Eagles coming to town." To defend people who never like beautiful things, because happiness is impossible because life is losing out right now, it was a fair criticism. Cousins ​​have fought against good teams in the past, and the Vikings, as a franchise, always seem to be waiting for the next shoe to fall. Today, however, only Kirk cousins ​​fell from the Nordic sky when he cut the Eagles for 333 yards and four touchdowns.

Time to unleash Carson – McNabb or Kolb
Note that this is more efficient vs. Run. Pass game is unusual. In weeks 1 through 5 of 2019, as well as during Pederson's previous tenure, the Eagles had a higher average success rate and the EPA passed the ball in comparison to running. I'll make a prediction: In the following weeks, Doug Carson will unleash. Once the Defense Coordinators realize that Jordan Howard is running quietly behind Jeff Stoutland's attack line, they will increase the number of defenders in the pits. And Pederson and Wentz will take whatever the defense gives them.

Sikkemas 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 – The Draft Network
21 – Eagles: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State. Philly's squad is extremely talented, but the area where they clearly lack production is defensive. Although Wade is more of a slot player – at least that's what he's doing at Ohio State this season – his skills are worthy in the first round. The Eagles only need the most talented defender they can have at this point.

"Winning means more to me": Miles Sanders is considering a bigger picture after scoring the first touchdown in Eagles' defeat – PennLive
Six weeks into his NFL career, Sanders had his first NFL touchdown. But in the end it was a bittersweet moment for the former Nittany Lions. Despite the passes in the passing game – three catches for 86 yards and his touchdown – the Eagles lost to the Vikings (38: 20) in the US. Bank Stadium. "Feels good, honest. I'd be lying if I did not tell you it did not feel good, "Sanders said in the locker room," but winning means more to me, I'm excited, but not too upset because we got the loss Have to work again. "

Week 6: It's a New World at Quarterback and Other NFL Truths – FMIA
5. The Cowboys look like a 3-3 team. Of all the team fans I was angry at my predictions for the season preparation. Choosing cowboys not to reach the playoffs seemed to annoy most people. I'm not pleased when Dallas lose three times in a row, including Sunday's battle against the previous 0-4 jets (24-22). But this is a team struggling to enter the NFC East Showdown, with similarly disappointing Philadelphia, also 3: 3, this coming Sunday night in Texas. The cowboys can not be great with their offensive injuries. They are simply too thin to survive the loss of both devices (Tyron Smith and La'el Collins) and two prime receivers (Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb). The problem with Dallas is that they have early decided against three downseams (Giants, Washington, Miami) and now have not breathless the rest of the way – maybe the Giants and Washington. One thing that had to do with Sunday coaching bothered me. In particular, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. When rebuilding with two points, after Dallas had recovered within two points in the final seconds, one had to imagine that the defensive coordinator Gregg Williams would send one or more extra guns from the jets at Dak Prescott. He did his best: safety Jamal Adams, who showed up in the middle and was blocked by nobody. Tell me, how does one of the best security measures arrive directly at quarterback, right in the middle, without being taken into account? That's a question I would face today in an offensive staff meeting if I was Jerry Jones and could not sleep when I came back to Dallas and just thought about this disaster.

Losing Cowboys Against New York Jets Should Drop Jason Garrett On The Shoulders – Blogging The Boys
The recent defeat at the Cowboys is one of the toughest that Jason Garrett had to face in his term with the team. By the way, this happened to Jerry Jones birthday. We've seen the cowboys owner show great patience with his behavior towards Jason Garrett, but such a critical loss must arouse emotions of frustration and "I've had enough of it!" Jason Garrett is a great leader of men and there have undoubtedly been times (it may not feel like it right now) when this was the driving force behind a Cowboys victory. He did not drive them to victory over the New York Jets. That's a problem.

10 Winners from Week 6 of the NFL Season 2019 – SB Nation
6th Stefon Diggs, which the Vikings are not expected to do. The Vikings made no attempt to conceal the fact that they would seriously engage Diggs in their offensive against the Eagles, and gave him the ball three times in their first six games. Nevertheless, the Eagles unwaveringly refused to consider double coverage. That was an incredibly bad idea. Diggs repeatedly roasted the half-hearted Eagles' man-to-man coverage on the way to seven catches, 167 yards and three touchdowns (a fourth was stopped only by mishaps in the end zone). Minnesota and his revived offense improved to 4-2, remaining undefeated at home.

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