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Eagles News: Philadelphia plans to have the dresser-closest flight plan in the NFL

Let's go to the Philadelphia Eagles Links …

Ranking of the NFL's toughest schedules for 2019 from 1-32 – ESPN In $ ider
30. Most Difficult – Philadelphia Eagles: Adapted planned DVOA of 2019 opponents: minus-3.2%. Most Difficult Schedule: Weeks 4-7 (at Packers in the short break against jets off the bye, vikings and cowboys). They may only be three places apart in this ranking, but there is a big difference between the Eagles playing Atlanta and Seattle, while the Cowboys are getting New Orleans and the LA Rams. In addition, the Eagles bring the patriots home and the cowboys have to face them in Foxborough. These differences will give the Eagles a chance to return to the top of the NFC East. The Philadelphia schedule ends in December with four consecutive division games, including both Giants' competitions. Previously, the Eagles had a three-game road trip in Weeks 6 to 8 and a three-game homestead in Weeks 9 to 1

2 (with a bye in the middle). [BLG Note: The Giants have the 28th hardest, the Cowboys have the 27th hardest, and Washington has the 22nd hardest.]

Eagle's 53-man roster prediction: Cheat Sheet Issue – BGN
Okay, I lied when I described my last 53-man roster projection for Philadelphia Eagles as "final edition". Now I am doing a final version – a cheat sheet version – now that I have the advantage that the Eagles will officially cut their squad to 65 players before Saturday ends at 16:00 Eastern deadline. Let's try to figure out the remaining 12 moves that the Eagles will make.

Ranking: Top rated offensive players through Week 3 of the NFL preseason 2019 – PFF
13th G Halapoulivaati Vaitai, Philadelphia Eagles – 76.9. The versatile attacker of the Eagles has played all 87 snapshots on the right side in this preseason, only one year after he had split all the snapshots between left (231 snapshots) and right (98 snapshots). In three games, Big V has yet to allow a quarterback pressure, and he has "lost" only one of his 57 pass-blocker snaps. [BLG Note: Former Eagles offensive lineman Ryan Bates ranks 11th on this list.]

Whatever happens next, Greg Ward knows he did everything he could – NBCSP
"Honestly, it's not at all nerve-wracking," he said. Whatever decision you make, you decide, I'm not stressed or worried about it. "This is Ward's third mess with the Eagles. He had two appearances in the squad in 2017 and played after his release in 2018 in the AAF, before this league gave up. Ward, a college quarterback, looked like a promising, broad receiver taking on a new position as a freshman. He looked much more comfortable last year. This year? He looks like he belongs. It is clear that he is an NFL player. He said that the key to being able to truly shine in the camp this year is to clear his mind and concentrate on the daily challenges without worrying about the big picture. That sounds easy. This is not the case.

Citizens Bank Park opens for Eagles Tailgater – Inquiry
Before some Eagles home games fans can already have a Shake Shack burger in one hand and a milkshake in the other hand at 9am.

Jerry Jones: Most of these teams win Super Bowls without rushing Champions – Blogging The Boys
"Second, we've got Zack three or four years in the race now. And we have not won yet [the Super Bowl]. So we have to find out that he obviously is not the ingredient that will win him. And that's how you have to think that. You have to play this way. " – You can listen to 105.3 The Fan's entire interview here, but you should know that he definitely called Zeke" Zack ", that's not a typo, even though it's a typo it was probably an accident. In any case, the fact that Jerry openly admits that the Cowboys did not win the Super Bowl in Elliott's term and that they need to evaluate whether he is a necessary piece for this is extremely interesting.

Mystery: Who Bought Those & # 39; Zeke Who? "Posters in Philadelphia? – MMQB
They appeared in Greater Philadelphia and fascinated and confused everyone who looked at them. Our week-long investigation, consisting of an e-mail, a phone call, and six days of nothing being done, revealed a conspiracy that reached to the top. Or something like that.

New CBA will not be agreed before the start of the 2019 season – NFL.com
No more rounds of negotiations between NFL owners and players scheduled for next week The 2019 season will begin next Thursday without a new collective bargaining agreement shared sources with NFL.com. However, the dialogue between Managed Owners and the NFL Players Association remained positive when they met in Chicago earlier this week, and the pages could reunite sometime in September. After seven official rounds of negotiations and a number of staff meetings in recent months, no breakthrough has yet been made in No. 1. The NFL owners still want more games in the regular season and the NFL players still want a bigger share of the revenue without adding regular season games, sources say. Players are guaranteed 47 percent of total sales under the current CBA, which expires after the 2020 season.

The Real Blown Call: How the NFL's Passback Repetition Rule Explodes – The Ringer
The most famous game of the 2018 season was not catching, attacking, or running – it was the reputation around the world helped drive the Rams past the Saints to the Super Bowl. In this off-season, the NFL changed its rules to make interferences verifiable. But has it gone too far? Has the league created the potential for another in trying to avoid a controversy? Which debates could take place next? On Friday The Ringer examines the ever-changing state of football and how it affects the gaming experience.

Alex McGough cut by Jaguars – Big Cat Country
[BLG Note: Give me McGough on the Eagles’ practice squad over Clayton Thorson.]

Ask a former NFL player: What happens when? You are released during duty plans? – SB Nation
In 2008 I knew that the Panthers release me. They called my hotel room at 6 am after the fourth prep game and told me to bring my playbook and go to the stadium. I was released, sent back to the hotel and waited for the call of the exercise group. If the team releases a player who does not want to return to the practice group, they will receive a plane ticket and will be sent on their way. They pack their things in the locker room, say goodbye and hop. That's exactly what Hard Knocks looks like. It's depressing to get your things done, knowing what work you've put into the postseason, the training camp, and the preseason games is in vain. We were all rock stars in college and now we are humble.

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