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Eagles News: Washington is finally changing its team name

We come to Philadelphia Eagles Left …

Redskins will retire tomorrow, Dan Snyder will announce a new name later – Hogs Haven
The Redskins will no longer use this name afterwards [Monday] According to Ben Fischer from Sports Business Daily and confirmed by several other reports. Dan Snyder is reportedly going to withdraw the name at a press conference tomorrow morning. The team is not expected to announce its new name at a later date due to trademarks pending.

Brian Baldinger hears whispers about the Eagles taking a big step this week ̵

1; BGN
Hmm. What do you know, Baldy? One can only guess what he is suggesting here. Jadeveon Clowney is still on the market and there has been talk of its price falling. Could the Eagles really be the team that signs him on? I have my doubts, but maybe they will actually pull the trigger. It was previously rumored that they were interested in him. Maybe it’s not Clowney, but Everson Griffen?

Off-season winners, including QB Carson Wentz, looking at the training camp – PE.com
Quarterback Carson Wentz is prepared for a big season as the Eagles have built up around him. This contributes in particular to the broad recipient position with three draft picks and the takeover of Marquise Goodwin. He also had a fairly eventful and impressive off-season after recovering from the concussion he suffered in the Seattle playoffs. He became a father, he invested in the community to reach those affected by COVID-19, he immediately showed his class and leadership when the Eagles quarterback made Jalen Hurts a second round draft pick, and Wentz said so Team following the death of George Floyd.

When DeSean Jackson sits, Eagles have a fascinating but risky option – NBCSP
Jalen Reagor has the potential to be a major threat, but he’s still an unknown figure, a freshman with no offseason programs and maybe no pre-season games. Quez Watkins and John Hightower are quick, but it is never easy for newcomers in the late round to get on the field, especially this year. The reality is that the Eagles need Jackson on the field. A healthy Goodwin is the next best option. But because of its recent history, they cannot rely on it.

‘Valentine’s Views:’ COVID-19 Thoughts, DeAndre Baker, More – Big Blue View
I honestly don’t know who or what to believe in at this point. I just know that I can no longer see how Baker can be a member of the Giants any longer. If the Giants inevitably disconnect from the 22-year-old, the Baker saga will definitely affect the legacy of GM Dave Gettleman’s Giants after swapping two draft picks to get up in the first round and get Baker of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Source: Dak Prescott, Cowboys are on the verge of reaching a multi-year contract when the deadline approaches – Dallas Morning News
The decision day for the Cowboys and Dak Prescott is approaching. The NFL period for any player who has been given a franchise day to sign a multi-year contract ends on Wednesday at 3 p.m. Prescott, who the cowboys met with the exclusive franchise day, must then agree on a deal with the cowboys. However, it seems questionable whether the cowboys and their star quarterback will agree to the conditions by then. A source told Dallas Morning News Calvin Watkins that the cowboys are “not close” to a multi-year contract with Prescott.

Patrick Mahomes Renewal Winner and Loser – NFL.com
Trending down – The Cowboys Front Office: You waited too long. Like in Washington with Kirk Cousins, the cowboys could get stuck and pay a lot of money for the franchise day without ever locking up their quarterback. The difference is that Dak Prescott’s cap is higher than that of cousins, and presumably the cowboys actually want to keep Prescott. The Cowboys have until July 15 to sign Prescott on a long-term contract, or he will play as the team’s exclusive franchise tag recipient this season under a $ 31.4 million one-year contract. That’s a relative bargain for Dallas, but I’m confused as to why it plays this game so low in the off-season. Mahomes has just raised the bar that Prescott will fit under.

Aaron Rodgers: “Are we going to have a season?” – PFT
“I think we’re going to have a season?” Rodgers said. “I think there are still many things that need to be found out. We are hopeful, we hope that it is with the fans and we can design all test procedures as desired for maximum security. But I think we’re waiting for the league and the [NFL Players Association] to find out some things. “

The plan to start the 2020 NFL season: what we know and what we don’t know – ESPN
Can the NFL start the training camp on time, let alone a season? In the period since Pash’s announcement, the United States has reduced its daily virus count – only to see an increase in infections and hospitalizations this summer in the southern states. The Major League Soccer and the National Women’s Soccer League are the only major professional team sports to make it back on the field, although MLB, NBA and NHL have entered the early stages of their return.

NFL and NFLPA trading proposals on Covid Impact – Over The Cap
After months of avoiding the potentially devastating effects of the Covid pandemic on the NFL, the league and the NFL Players Association are finally at the negotiating table trying to sort things out. Both sides need clarity on the issues – teams need to know the rules of cap planning and budget, and players need to know the risks associated with playing this season and how they may affect them in the future . Here are some of the tidbits that have come out so far, and some other topics to be discussed

My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to guard against hopes of immunity. – Vox
“Wait. Can I catch Covid twice?” Asked my 50-year-old patient incredulously. It was the beginning of July and he had just tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, for the second time, three months after a previous infection. While we still don’t understand much about immunity to this new disease, a small but growing number of cases like his indicate that the answer is yes. Covid-19 can be much worse the second time. During his first infection, my patient had a mild cough and sore throat. In contrast, his second infection was characterized by high fever, shortness of breath and hypoxia, which led to several hospitalizations.

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