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Earn Some Money by Selling Unwanted Junk

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In today’s world people are constantly pushed to buy, buy, buy, even if they don’t need anything. Over time, you may find that your home is filling up with clutter and unwanted junk – which is partially why home organization TV shows have become so popular.

Either you’re buying things you don’t really need, or you don’t know how to let go of things. In either case, learning how to let go can not only be liberating, but it can also earn you a little extra cash. Selling your unwanted items is a great way to boost your savings or even help you pay off some debt.

So what kind of things can you sell?

Gold and Silver

One of the easiest ways to make money is to sell gold and silver at your local gold buyer who can offer you prices that are based on market value versus insured value. Gold and silver are doing relatively well at the moment due to them being a crisis commodity, so you could get some good money by selling your unwanted precious metals.

Don’t think you have any gold or silver to sell? Don’t forget about your old jewellery, watches, or even coins – any of these items can contain precious metals which you can sell for money. Just make sure you get them evaluated by a trusted source before you agree to a price. You can use a website like Gold.TO  which is a customer based user review site for helping the public to determine where to sell gold in Toronto.

Old Toys

You might be surprised to hear that some old toys are becoming collectors’ items, and that people are willing to pay a decent amount of money for them. For example, the original Easy Bake Oven from 1

963 has been known to sell for upwards to $4,000. When in their original packaging, diecast Dinky and Corgi cars can range from $50 to $2000.

So if you have any old toys stored away somewhere, consider taking a look through them and seeing if you have something a collector might want. Take it to your local antique buyer so that they can evaluate the toy for you and let you know if it’s worth anything.


Second-hand buying has become even more popular, so if you have some electronics that you don’t use anymore (like an old smartphone, TV, or tablet) then consider selling it online. You can use platforms like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace to find someone who will take your items off your hands.

Just make sure that you research first how much you think your electronics are worth. Do a search of your item and see what other sellers are listing it for; from there, you can decide how competitive you want to be with your pricing.

Furniture and Home Accents

Much like electronics, you can sell your furniture and other stuff around the home to people using online stores like Kijiji. It’s the same concept – look around and see what other people may be selling a similar item for.

People will want to haggle, so make sure you start at a higher selling price than you’d actually be okay with selling your stuff for. Especially when it comes to furniture and other stuff in the home, the value can depreciate, especially if they’re not antiques.