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Earth Day, 10 simple ways to save the planet

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Every day This should be a day when we want to protect this planet, but it remains the case that we have events like Earth Day need to remind us to do our part.

While pollution is reduced in a way that would have a dramatic impact on cleansing, the world seems to be an insurmountable task for individuals, there are fundamental changes we can all make at home that would shrink our own footprint ,

Here are 10 tips from experts who can help make a difference.

1. Use your car less

It's hard to say how important cars are to American life, but whenever possible – especially now warm weather has arrived – you should decide to go, to ride a bicycle, to use transit or rideshare.

The EPA says that leaving your car only two days a week can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 1,590 pounds a year.

2. Saving Water at Home

Americans waste millions of gallons of water each year, so look for ways to handle your water consumption more efficiently.

Bring Me The News has this list of water-saving tips at home, including the reuse of cooking water and the choice of water-saving wash cycles.

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