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Easter weekend weather: Tornadoes and harmful winds are likely

According to the Storm Prediction Center, “tornadoes (potentially strong / long track) and widespread harmful winds are the main hazards”.

The threat extends from Texas on Saturday to Georgia on Sunday evening.

The Easter weekend starts relatively quiet from Friday to Saturday morning.

On Saturday during the day showers will develop in the south, mainly in West Texas.

This region is currently affected by drought, so the rain will be beneficial. The showers could be heavy at times, but shouldn’t be many on the hard side.

When we come to Easter Sunday, things start going up.

“Easter Sunday could be a very dangerous day in the southeast,” said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen. “All of the ingredients for storms are likely to come together. They have strong low pressure, strong wind shear, and plenty of moisture in the Gulf of Mexico, which can lead to multiple tornadoes in the southeast.”

When these ingredients come together, the risk of a severe outbreak with long, large tornadoes increases. The worst storm will occur from the afternoon to the overnight period.

In the Arklatex region (Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas), storms will hit early Sunday afternoon and move east for the rest of the day.

Places like Shreveport and New Orleans in Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi, Montgomery, and Birmingham in Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia must look out for dangerous storms and possible tornadoes.

If you’re in the target area because of bad weather, make sure your family has a safety plan.

Four tornado safety tips that could save your life >>>

Remember to get to the bottom floor of your home in the event of a tornado. Then crouch in a small interior or closet away from windows.

Make sure you have a way to get weather alerts on your phone or weather radio that will notify you when a storm comes.

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