The Eastern Market Corp. has suspended Detroit Manufacturing Co., a company owned by accused donor Robert Stanzler, from selling on the Eastern Market, according to a Facebook post.

Eastern Market Corp. is the nonprofit organization that operates the city of Detroit Public Market

"The Eastern Market has long been a place where everyone is welcome and the Eastern Market Corporation is focused on preserving and promoting this core value of the Eastern Market" The company said on Facebook on Friday.

Dearborn-based Carhartt ended its partnership with the Detroit Mercantile Co. after the spitting incident of Stenzler, the co-owner of the trade.

The Outdoor Clothing and Workwear Company said Friday in a Statem (19659006) The Free Press reported on Tuesday that the Ibrahim Mission provided security for a gathering of social justice and community leaders in the Eastern Market.

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Stanzler responded angrily that some participants parked on his property and asked Mission to stop them. When Mission Stenzler ordered him to talk to the client, he poked his middle finger in the air and spat on Mission's face.

The action occurred in a venue called The Eastern, which was located behind Stanzel's shop. [19659006] The alleged attacker was arrested for simple robbery, taken to Detroit Detention Center and released Wednesday, a Detroit spokesman said.

On Friday, the police filed an arrest warrant at Wayne County County Court. The prosecutors' review is still pending at the end of the day, said Maria Miller, director of communications.

Stanzler apologized late Wednesday evening and described his own actions as "unscrupulous, insulting and disrespectful."

"(Meine) anger over a growing parking lot spaces between a neighboring business, has the best of me," said Stanzler in the statement. "I tried to discuss the matter with Mr. Mission, but things quickly escalated and I lashed out."

Mission and Stanzler also know each other.

"It was very humiliating, very disrespectful," said Mission. "People like this should not be allowed to be in this Detroit community and be able to take such liberties with helpers, I've always been a helper, and I've never had a problem."

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