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Economic fears and the resurgence of the IS cloud Trump's bad luck for 2020

But Trump is defiant, even though he puts ideas to stimulate growth into circulation: "Our economy is unbelievable," the president said Tuesday. "We are currently the number one country in the world by far as an economy."

Trump reacts to such turbulence in a characteristic style and conjures up a blizzard of brave facts with relentless political attraction. Twisting, blaming and distraction.

"Under my government, we fight back and win because we really put America first," Trump said in a speech in Pennsylvania last week.

] "After years of building foreign countries, we are finally building our land," he said.

But the president's boastant can not hide that this is a sudden confluence of challenges that could upset his hopes for another four years as a commander. They recall that, despite their power and visibility, presidents are extremely vulnerable to outside events.

Their ability to mitigate damage from situations they have little control over, and to turn them into a call that can reassure and attract voters often holds the key to their destiny in their hands.

One reason why Trump could be particularly vulnerable is that he has little room for error in 2020. His eternal approval rate in the low range of 40% makes him susceptible to shocks. His brazen claims to be more successful than any other modern president mean that his failure is more openly opposed to his political stance.

The emerging clouds raise questions about Trump himself and whether he will change his course to improve his political perspectives ̵

1; for example, in trade wars that can harm the world economy. They also raise a question that hovers above the 2020 campaign, but can only be answered by the election itself: How is Trump judged by the voters who shocked the expert class three years ago?

Can Trump mess up the odds again?

Any impression that America and the world are out of control, in part due to the president's capricious impulses, would normally be catastrophic for a first-time White House.

However, there is also the possibility that this is the case Trump could be different.

His model of government is based on a chaos from which he often thrives on his own and in which he becomes a hard-to-survive opponent who defeats ordinary politicians.

Trump's presidency may look incoherent in chaos and an exclusive exercise to rip up some of America's most sickening political, social and racial scars for personal gain.

But for some of his most loyal voters the disunity and disruption, the reproof of foreign allies and the abuse of power Washington is exactly the reason why they voted for him.

And even if the economy turns sour, Trump has probably already held enough promises – from a conservative justice reform to his refusal to settle in W ashington – to keep his base tight.

However, if faltering independent voters and moderate Republicans fear their security or prosperity, possibly due to events originating overseas, Trump's prospects may be jeopardized.

These voters could also be alienated by White Nationalist rhetoric, Trump's adopted scorching tone of immigration, and the condemnation of globalization.

However, this approach also reinforces his almost mythical connection with rural America, which was a critical factor in his rebellion in the swinging states of the Midwest in 2016. [19659002] In the face of growing challenges, it is still unclear whether they could cause irreversible damage to their campaign, or whether their unorthodox Machiavellian talent for creating alternative political realities while destroying their opponents will be as strong in 2020 as it was in 2016.

Steel Firing Boosting Economic Fears

Almost every day suggests that the US economy, despite its historically low unemployment On Tuesday, US Steel announced it had temporarily dismissed 200 steelworkers in Michigan as demand in Europe and eased in US manufacturing.

The move was particularly symbolic as Trump's promise to revive the US factories enabled him to win the Democratic Bastion in 2016. And it did not agree with the president's claim that "our steelworks are on fire and brightly lit".

The announcement by US Steel was followed by bearish signals from bond markets last week and a slowdown in China and Europe that could eventually affect the US.

Trump said on Tuesday that the term recession was "inappropriate". Word used by the media to cause political trouble. In a contradictory position, however, he also said he was considering tax cuts and calling for a full cut in the key interest rate by the Federal Reserve to stimulate an economy he has already contaminated with massive overhaul. Such steps are usually taken by governments in the darkest hours of the recession – not when the economy is as strong as it is now.

There are also new indications that Trump's protectionist trade instincts are not only detrimental to the economy, but may also be able to recover against its political aspirations.

Midwestern farmers suffer as Chinese markets dehydrate. JPMorgan Bank predicted Tuesday that Trump's tariffs will cost American households $ 1,000 a year when the next round comes into effect on September 1st. Last week, Trump stopped another set of tariffs to hedge the Christmas shopping season.

But despite his new claim on Tuesday China is desperate for an agreement, Beijing seems to take a longer break than it was until the election in November 2020.

ISIS is back

In December, Trump stated on Twitter: "We defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason to be there during the Trump presidency."

A Pentagon General Inspector's report released on Tuesday questioned this trust despite its expulsion As a "caliphate" of the US and Allied attacks, the group was on the rise after Trump's withdrawal of troops in Iraq and Syria.

Founder of ISIS for retiring prematurely from Iraq, Trump may repeat the story of his predecessor.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted Tuesday that there are places where ISIS is more powerful today than it was three or four years ago, "although it was insisted the picture was" complicated. "

Some presidents could respond to such an assessment by immersing themselves in a strategic review, but such a step would require Trump to admit that he exaggerated his achievements in the defeat of ISIS – and could damage his case in 2020.

The President has Little to prove for another foreign policy venture – his fondness for the North The Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un, who has experienced two summits, but no nuclear break-through and now regular outbreaks of short-range missile tests Often, it looks like it's planned to fulfill its political priorities.

The government is currently working on a peace agreement with the valley iban, which could lead to a complete and final US withdrawal 18 years after the 9/11 attacks. Www.moviesfilmonline.com / de / movies / … of – the – nation However, a withdrawal by the US could waste the lives of more than 3,500 US and coalition forces, reiterating concern that Afghanistan would be back. Englisch: www.moviesfilmonline.com / en / movies / … – in – capital Could become a haven for terrorist groups.

But that should not be much in the domestic context. America has shown in the past three presidential elections that it is tired of its involvement with foreign countries, as Trump has shown in the discussion of the peace talks on Tuesday.

He claimed Afghanistan was apparently the "Harvard University of Terrorism," but added, "We've been a peace watcher there for 19 years, and at some point, that's long enough."

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