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ECQF Game # 5 Review: Toronto Maple Leafs 2 vs. Boston Bruins 1

Three down, one more.

Your game in ten:

1. After the point in the series, when both teams are now fully engaged in their own game structure and the other team's tendencies, it was the game the Leafs needed to prove they could win in this series – A 0-0 fight remained so in the third period and was played with absolutely no free space.

They had more than 60% of the puck during the first two periods but could not show anything. In the first 40 minutes, they had to kill three penalties (and none were given), even though they had won the ownership battle decisively (a terrible phone call on Hyman, an automatic call for delays in Marner's game and a deserved hit hands call Marleau) , There was something of a sense of coming of age as they watched her work through this game, remaining patient with her and finding a way to win a massive playoff on the road.

. 2 After meddling in Game 4 in their own way, the Leafs played fast and smart again ̵

1; they spent the night with smart chips behind the Bruins with smart chips and chases through shorter breakouts and knew when they should live fighting another day with a game out of the glass and generally just dealing with the puck and the game very well.

Without the puck, they defend the honey zone with clever picks, rub-outs, and subtle interference games, and defend well throughout the night in five-man units with good gaps and good sticks. When they play so tight, it is the fuel that feeds their transitional game.

. 3 We just saw the Leafs play this kind of dial-in hockey on a consistent basis for about two weeks in November. It's remarkable how the Leafs switched the switch at the playoff time, but it's a testament to the maturity of the young core, the work of the coaching staff, the health of the team coming together at the right time (in relative terms), and buy-in from the players and just the right kind of trade in addition to the blue line in Jake Muzzin. Not too far ahead, if you know the put-away game – especially against a good, experienced team – it's always the hardest thing to do, but the Leafs are now in the driver's seat and clearly the better for me Team at 5v5 in four of the five games.

. 4 It was quite surprising how much consensus was reached over the interference of the various broadcasters, which had been missed by the various commentators, on the various radio broadcasts. I do not think that Hyman's contact has significantly altered Rask's position or his ability to play the game, and the slight glimpse took place outside the fold line. However, the point about the lack of consistency in these calls throughout the year is clearly a valid point.

5 . Another sign of the team's maturity – in addition to the steady, quiet start to the game, where they only fired one shot in nine minutes – was the way they went up 1-0 than the game Bruins reinforced the pressure. The Leafs, as well as having a patchy regular season, were a consistently great team that took the lead because they are so effective against the throbbing as the teams begin to play against them. This, however, was another kind of serenity shown here.

The Kasperi Kapanen Gate begins with a lost defensive field from Matthews and the Leafs, but the Leafs did not run around during the shift. Matthews closed and helped force the puck against the wall, and when Hainsey found the puck on the other side, Matthews came over and was five feet away to take the small push off the boards. Morgan Rielly immediately saw the chance to take off when the Bruins were caught three at a distance, and a few passes later they found themselves behind the web of chapons.

It was a textbook. Rielly did something clever to end the onslaught by also bringing a Bruin with him, which made the hesitation whom he should pick up.

. 6 Speaking of Team Start: I found it remarkable that the last time the Bruins competed against the Toronto Top Line in Match 2, Babcock had to convince the players to chase the right matchup. It was not why the hands in this game started badly, but I do not think it helped. This time he just let it roll.

Babcock did not chase this match all night long. He seems reasonably confident in how his two toplines play over 200 feet, and as long as he can reach one of the Tavares or Muzzin games against the Bergeron line on the road, he was quite satisfied. [19659003] 7 . In fact Auston Matthews rewarded this Babcock belief with an amazing game. He divided his time fairly evenly between the two top lines, but actually saw that Marchand and Bergeron came the most forward from two bruins. In these six 5: 5 minutes, his line was over 80% CF.

After Matthews had fought (some nice battles with Chara) and supported the defense, he was able to support the defense as well as offer close support from the middle. At Breakthrough, his breakthrough goal was a just reward for a night in which everything was done right in front of the puck. It felt like a superstar game was playing for a player who had a lot of criticism in this building last spring.

(And it must be mentioned how Tavares neutralizes Bergeron by playing him mainly.) The avenues in this matchup allowed Matthews to gain a foothold in the series. He rolls now.

8 . Full marks also deserve the effort of Zach Hyman in this game. He has taken another hard attack on the boards and is obviously not 100%, but he has never missed a shift and continued the key fight after the key fight for the team in both 5 vs 5 and penalties. He effectively performed the chip and chase behind the Bruins defense throughout the night, and his strength on the puck to hold his ground and stay upright set the stage for this Matthews goal. Of course, he went straight into the net and then parked directly on Rask. He also made it clear to Chara in this series that he does not give in a bit. He will come and come again and again. He was absolutely inexorable from Game 1 on.

He also shook pretty well here:

Hyman Beats Backes into the Bruins Bank. #LeafsForever pic.twitter.com/iC4jQXsCwG

– Maple Leafs Hotstove (@LeafsNews) April 19, 2019

9. Jake Gardiner 's 12:31 Ice Age was the lowest of the series (and the playoff career); he ran so smoothly from a hit along the end boards at a point that I thought the shift might be his last. Again it speaks for how massive the addition of Muzzin was. He still has something to offer on the offensive blue line, and instead of his usual agility and evasive action against frontier eggs, he's pretty smart and adaptable, as he avoided checks / twists and quickly moved the puck. He finished the night with a 66% CF. Still, tonight he threw a pizza into the middle of the defensive zone at one point. He comes through, but it's hard to see a guy struggle with such pain, and it's not the kind of injury that gets better with more playoff hockey matches. That's for sure. A big compliment to him because he eradicated it.

10th Noteworthy that Frederik Andersen did not have to be one of the Leafs' best players in this game. he just had to be firm. The Bruins scored only 18 shots at 5: 5 and five chances for high dangers. You get the answers and the fact that the Leafs have won a game without Andersen as one of their best players – I would put Matthews, Hyman and Muzzin at the top of the three stars – is a very encouraging sign in terms of direction The team defense of the Leafs is in vogue.

Gameplay: 5v5 Shot Attempts

 Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Boston Bruins, Game 5

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