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Edmunds: Tesla Model 3 is the "Ultimate Driving Machine"


Published on July 28, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

28. July 2019 by Zachary Shahan

I had to make a double adjustment when I saw this tweet below. I thought, maybe it was actually from The Onion not from Edmunds .

First, if you do not know, Edmunds is not a hippie-dippie cleantech website. In fact, making internet surfers to local car dealers to buy gasmobiles makes a lot of money. That's such a thing. So for Edmunds it's … kind of a shock to beat a conventional car company by saying that their popular slogan fits better with Tesla. But that's exactly what it did.

Correct – Edmunds says a non-performance model 3 puts a BMW 330i on the track. The Model 3 is the ultimate prime mover not the BMW.

This is not new for anyone who has driven a Tesla Model 3 to say problems, a BMW 3 Series offers a better driving experience than a Tesla Model 3. Still, that's the sort of bias one would expect from an outlet like Edmunds could expect. Not the case. Not at all. Here's the full 10-minute video comparison:

Be sure to watch the reviewer laugh at how much fun the model 3 has to drive in the last minute and a half how shocked he is that it exceeds the BMW 330i in their assessment. Or just take the time to watch the entire video. It's very interesting.

Apart from the quality of the drive, a Tesla Model 3 offers some other important benefits. For example, the 5-year operating costs can easily be about 50% of the operating costs of the BMW 330i. (See also: Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 230i, 330i, 440i and i3s.)

The Model 3 offers great infotainment (as a BMW owner and a Tesla owner I can tell you that I'm yearning for the BMW after the Tesla navigation and infotainment system almost every day). As part of the infotainment experience, the Model 3 contains many funny Easter eggs (or apps) that I think are underrated rather than over-subscribed – and will soon be streaming to Netflix and YouTube. Of course, the Tesla also provides zero emissions, which are of tremendous importance to those of us who are concerned about the health effects of normal pollution of gas-powered vehicles as well as the global CO2 emissions of radiators.

The model offers even more advantages for the property and the company 3 and all other electric cars, such as the comfortable loading at home and the cutting off of the impulses for oil wars. The other big "egotistical" reason for buying a Model 3, in my opinion, is that the car has achieved the highest safety ratings in the US and Europe. In fact, it recorded the lowest injury probability of all cars tested by the NHTSA – by far.

Nobody wants to expect them to be in an unfortunate situation, but if that's the case, it's better to be in a Tesla. As the father of two young girls (and someone who makes a living on cars), I think about it almost every day. It is an important selling point that is actually logical and practical.

It's hard to understand that a single car can be outstanding in so many ways. It's the ultimate driving machine, it's the safest car you can buy, it has the best infotainment technology and it has a total cost of ownership that's more akin to a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry than a BMW 3 Series. But that's the story.

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Zach holds long-term equity stakes in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG and ABB – after years of working with solar and electric vehicles, he simply has great confidence in these specific companies and feels that they are good cleantech companies he can invest He offers no professional investment advice and is not responsible for losing money. So do not jump to conclusions.

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