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"Cairo without traffic jam". 4 projects for "miracle" traffic in 2022

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

The National Tunnel Authority is implementing a package of national projects to increase traffic liquidity and eliminate congestion and connect the Cairo Bridge governorates to a single transport network

Masrawy has published 4 projects carried out by the National Authority for Tunnels for the 2022 processing:

Electrified train

The Ministry of Transport initiated procedures to complete the electrified train project "Al Salam – Administrative Capital – 10th Ramadan" is due to be completed in 1

8 months in a single phase and be operational at the beginning of the first quarter of 2022.

Six Egyptian contractors "Arab Contractors, Orascom, And The Sons of Hassan Allam" in the construction of railway stations, bridges, tunnels and the installation of iron bars, in addition to the Chinese company "Afic", which over-project the project with a soft loan Funded 10 years worth about 1.2 billion pounds.

Over 1.5 million citizens passing through 11 stations are: "Adly Mansour, Transit and the Future and Sunrise 1 and Sunrise 2, Workshops, Badr, Ruwiki, New Administrative Capital, Industrial Zone and 10th of Ramadan" N should reach the city Belbeis.

The project comprises 22 trains with a speed of 60 km / h to 120 km / h. : "Obour – 10th Ramadan – Shorouq – Al Rehab – Madinaty – Administrative Capital", relieves the desert road "Belbeis – 10th Ramadan – Transit".

Third metro line

The third line is about 47 km long and includes 39 stations, including 27 tunnel stations, two overland stations and 11 stations The first phase was from the threshold extended to the Abbasid length of 4.4 km and to five tunnel stations (Ataba – Bab al-Shaareya – army). – Abdo Pasha – Abbasiya), while the second phase, which is 7.7 kilometers long and includes 4 stations, is "Cairo Fair – Stadium – Girls College – Al Ahram".

The third phase covers 17.7 km, a total of 15 stations. The stage from the threshold to the middle of the Faraj Valley north of Imbaba then crosses the ring road to Itai Railroad Gunpowder. The University of Cairo and the University of Cairo and the University of Cairo and the University of Cairo and the University of Cairo. From Haroun Station in Heliopolis take a tunnel route to 5.15 km Nozha Station and then on the upper path to the Advisor Mansour Peace Station, near the tenth length of 6.37 km and another branch from Haroun Station to Terminal 3 at Cairo Airport in a tunnel 6.65 km long.

The fourth line serves about 1 million passengers (19459009)

The National Tunnel Authority has concluded negotiations with JICA to finance the Fourth Line project. And the full implementation of the project involving Egyptian companies.

The project is referred to as Egyptian companies with great experience as well as modern companies operating in tunnel projects for the first time. The Egyptian companies account for 60% and 40% of the Japanese side. From his work for the speed of completion of the project, which has stalled due to differences in agreement on implementation with the Japanese side, and The Authority is working on the completion of the project on several stages, which will have about 2 million passengers per Supply the day with a cost of LE 53 billion.

The maps of the fourth line show that it extends over 42 km, covers 40 tunnel stations and is divided into two phases. 19 km and comprises 17 stations and the second phase with a length of 23 km and comprises 21 stations.

The first phase after the final changes includes the stations of the gardens of the trees and gardens of Al-Ahram and Nasr and the large museum and shooting gallery and pyramids as well as Marioutia and Arish and printing house. Kindergarten and good king

The Monorel

The tunnel nationalism explores the development of project routes and routes for the largest population in the administrative capitals of October 6 and 19. The administrative district is 52 km long and extends from Nasr City to the administrative capital and comprises 22 stations (Stadium, Hisham Barakat, Nouri Khattab, 7th District, Zaker Hussein, Free Zone, Marshal Tantawy, Cairo, Vestifal, Choueifat). Najib – American University – Emaar – Al Nafoura Square – Al Barwa – Middle Ring Road – Mohammed Bin Zayed – Regional Ring – Almasa Hotel – Al Waza District

The Monorail Line helps to connect the cities of East Cairo with the western cities of the province the only railway line connecting the passengers in the administrative capital and the electrified train, which runs through two stations in the administrative capital, the "administrative capital" at the entrance to the capital.

The same applies to the Monoril project on October 6, which intersects with the electrified train and the fourth subway line, which reaches to the city on October 6.

Monoril on October 6, 35 kilometers, From October 6 and Sheikh Zayed in Cairo until July 26 connect with the line The third phase of the third phase of the third line will be carried out and includes 10 stations: "6 Industrial Zone, October 6 City, Al Hussari Mosque, October Station, Juhayna Square, Zayed Station, Hyper, Alexandria Desert Road Station, Arab States. "

The monorail carries around one million passengers daily and connects the cities in a short space of time Sheikh Zayed from October 6 in Cairo and Giza.

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