Quarterback of NY Giants Eli Manning plays a video / computer game of Visa with Edbaig of USA TODAY, which teaches children financial literacy

Eli Manning has some coaching tips for kids, but they have nothing to do with throwing the perfect spiral. Instead, the New York Giants quarterback encourages young people to learn about finance by promoting a brand-new version of Visa's trivia-based video game called Financial Football 3.0.

Manning does not appear in the game on his own, but his stake, and that of his rookie teammate Saquon Barcley, is part of a long-standing NFL partnership with the Global Payments Company. The app, which I was allowed to play next to Manning, is available as a free download for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac – Manning not included.

Players choose a favorite NFL team and try to move the ball on the field, or keep the other team by answering a series of multiple-choice or real / false financial questions correctly. Topics include budgeting, identity theft, debt, loans, financial institutions and life events.

Now we're not talking about "Madden" level graphics here, but that's secondary.

You can choose from 42 offensive games, including running and passing options, and if the other team has the ball, also choose a defense alignment. The reality, however, is that you do not really have to understand much about football because it's more about getting the points for finance.

It is possible to play alone, or you can compete against a friend by choosing between three skill levels: Rookie (age 11-14), Pro (14-18 ) and Hall of Fame (18+). There are around 2,000 questions in total, both in English and in Spanish.


"If a fraud is suspected, the IRS may ask you for documents on your tax return – 1) For up to 20 years, 2) Unlimited, 3) For up to 3 years, 4) For bis to 5 years

Or this:

True or False: "You pay an overdraft fee if your credit card payment is late." 19659008] (See answers below.)

You must answer the questions within a specific time, So you will not be charged for delaying the game, answer a question incorrectly and your QB may be fired or intercepted.

"It's tough. I definitely miss a few, "joked Manning, just before we teamed up to play his Giants against the New York Jets.

(Giants fans who complained about the team's 1-5 startup, Manning would share his share Missing the Football Field, (19659008) Some questions are clearly more unclear than others and meet notions unknown to children and even some adults (think of HELOC and Chapter 11).

Visa also works with schools; there are links in the game By the way, the game is a companion to "Financial Soccer," which Visa says is currently available in 43 countries and 17 languages, and although Financial Football itself is not new, it is the first time it's been updated in eight years.

Manning says he played Nintendo when he was a kid, but he does not consider himself a video player.

But he's bothered bt, not only to teach his own children, but also his fellow athletes financial education. "In the NFL, you only get 17 paychecks," he says. "This season ends suddenly, hopefully in February, with no controls in sight by September, you'll have to do it all year round."

Manning's own funding approach is conservative. His father, Archie, even then an NFL quarterback, has made Eli and his brothers, including retired quarterback Peyton, aware of the importance of saving. "His No. 1 expression when it came to finances and really football," says the younger Manning, "was," They never go bankrupt to take a profit. "

(The answer to the IRS / fraud question is," 2) Unlimited. "The answer to the overdraft question is" wrong. "

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