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Elizabeth Warren finally explained why she had taken a DNA test

Here's the exchange between Warren and a questioner (exclamation at MJ Lee and Amanda Golden for this – and below is my guts):

QUESTION: "Why have You go through the DNA test and give Donald Trump more food to be a bully? "

WARREN:" Yeah, well, you're glad you asked that question, I'm really happy and I'm glad I am not a person of color.I am not a citizen of a tribe.The tribal citizenship is very different from the descent.The tribes and only the tribes determine the tribal citizenship, and I respect this difference Oklahoma and how Many people in Oklahoma heard the family stories of our ancestors: When I first ran for public office, it was the first time in 201

2, and the Republicans sharpened that part of my story and thought they could Make lots of hay out of it, lots of racist explanations and a lot of ugly stuff going on. I'll just take everything out. It took a while, but just everything out there. All my recruitment documents, including a DNA test, are out there, they're online, anyone can look at them. It is there. "

Many people – myself included – had wondered why Warren did exactly what she did when she did.

An announcement that you may have had American blood, um to refute the attacks of President Donald Trump that you sought to promote by citing this legacy? (Note: There is no evidence that Warren referred to himself as a Native American in the Academy.) And to get it right in the heart of the 2018 campaign, when the Democrats tried to regain control of the House and the Senate?

The "why" seems to be what most people suspected: Warren gave the DNA Test free – and a five-minute video explaining it to clear the decks before she applied for president (Warren probably believed – and it's hard to say she was wrong) – Warren wanted to deal with all the N ative American cause – and Trump repeats the name (he calls her in Tweets "Pocahontas") – before announcing to President what she's up to New Year's Eve did.

That did not work, of course. Instead of raising doubts as to whether Warren's past on the inheritance issue was a fatal flaw that Trump could exploit and exploit, all Warren's video did was throw a bright light on the problem.

What Warren's announcement did was: effectively, say so to the Democratic voters: Remember, when I had this issue in 2012, with which I was a native American ?????

While Trump Never Attacked Warren Based on Some DNA Test said the fact that the test was so extremely indecisive should have been a warning sign to them that it could never be the we-can-all-put-this Debating-after-influence that she clearly hoped for. If the entire video and the revelation of a Stanford geneticist is linked to this sentence – "the facts suggest that you absolutely have a Native American Native in your family tree" – you know that you will not get the result you want.

This is not about Trump. Not really. Warren said in her same response in Iowa over the weekend, "Well, I can not stop Donald Trump from doing what he's going to do, I can not stop him from flinging racial abuse, I have no power to do it. " True!

What this was and what it is was that Warren was trying to solve a problem within the democratic activist and donor base. There's a 0% chance that she's taking the step she took in her DNA test, unless she has evidence that people in her group are worried about what Trump's doing with her in the parliamentary elections could, if she turns out to be a democratic candidate. Well, at least we have the explanation why she did out of her own mouth what she did. The decision was strange at the time. And even with Warren's explanation, it's just as funny now.

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