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Elizabeth Warren Finance Director leaves the campaign

The adjutant told CNN on Sunday morning that Pratt was "still a consultant, but things got off the ground and got out, as we had decided (Warren) not to make high-dollar events." Expiry of the donation period for the first quarter. The coming days are expected to bring a more complete picture of the Warren campaign fundraising into focus. Her team has not published any early fundraising numbers, which has led to speculation that they are lagging behind their competitors.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that Pratt had resigned after a Valentine's Day meeting in Washington, which eventually "heated", in which Pratt realized that campaigns often collapse when they run out of money and asked them not to cut them off considerable cash flow. "

" He pointed out that the acquisition of rich fundraisers across the country helped build networks that turned into political support, not just checks, "the Times said," but Mr. Pratt lost the argument to two of Warren's closest advisors, Dan Geldon and Joe Rospars, who had chosen to distance themselves from the field and release their schedule. "

The Warren helper would not do that to CNN on the details Geldon, Warren's Chief of Staff, and Rospar's Warren strategist, both did not respond to inquiries, nor did Pratt respond to comment requests.

Warren announced in late February that she was on fundraisers, dinners, receptions Warren's aides told CNN at the time that the campaign had been underway since the launch of their Prc investigative committee presidents did not organize a single fundraiser.
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Before the The first quarterly outlook is about the Warrens Fundraising numbers are lagging behind those of its competitors, a senior Warren employee insisted on Sunday at CNN that the decision to skip donations and purchasing monies was made in full recognition of the compromises.

The Advisor Pointed to the Unusual Behavior A wide area where Warren has been able to look back on far more than a handful of early states – including a southern election campaign to Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee earlier this month and a rally in Long Island City, New York – as well as its robust political introduction.

The adjutant said that Warren was considered one of the most active candidates in the field, and they see this as a direct result of the Senator, who spends no time in courting donors with high dollars.

There is no question that a weak first-quarter fund-raising would be a setback for Warren. Their apparent failure to support the enthusiasm in the first phase of the 2020 race would raise questions about their eligibility, and this would be particularly notable given the early massive fundraising efforts of Sen. Bernie Sanders and former MP Beto O Rourke.

In a recent CNN interview about their money-based small-fund-raising strategy, Warren told CNN, "You know, in life there are people who have more money, there are people who have less money. But everyone should have an equal share in our democracy. "

Jeff Zeleny and Eli Watkins of CNN contributed to this report.

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