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Elizabeth Warren says it is time for Congress to respond to the opioid crisis such as the HIV / AIDS epidemic

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, called on members of the congress on Thursday to "show the same political courage over the opioid crisis" that legislators have taken action to address the HIV / AIDS epidemic through a modern version of the Ryan White CARE combat act.

Warren and US Representative Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, compared the deaths and stigmata associated with opioid abuse with those of HIV / AIDS in the 1980s and wrote a USA Today Op-Ed calling for their congressional colleagues Treating the current health emergency as a "novel, persistent problem".

They also questioned the Trump government's response to the opioid epidemic ̵

1; in particular the recent demand by the President to give some drug traffickers the death penalty.

The Democrats urged federal legislators to support their comprehensive plan to combat opioid abuse, which, like the 1990 Ryan-White Comprehensive AIDS Emergency Plan, addresses the current crisis by investing in science and providing significant funding for the country Treatment of these diseases responds with dependencies.

Although they acknowledge that the 1990 Act did not end the HIV / AIDS epidemic, Warren and Cummings argued that it helped provide vital services to more than half a million Americans a year, leading to life-saving medications for new infections and ensured science, not stigma, conducted medical care.

Legislators said their bill would recognize opioid dependence as a disease and attempt to address the epidemic through treatment and research. It would also make it easier to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in opioid dependence.

"American families – not just in Maryland or Massachusetts but across this country – desperately need us to tackle an epidemic that is terrorizing every single community – city, suburb and country, poor, middle class and rich." "Blue and Purple," they wrote, "We urge our colleagues to join us, show courage, fight ignorance and ill-informed stigmata, and ascend with new, significant resources."

"This is not politics but to save lives, "they added.

Opioids, including prescription drugs, heroin and fentanyl, killed more than 42,000 Americans in 2016 – more than any other year, including the US Centers for Disease Control and –

President Donald Trump announces plans to tackle opiate abuse and drug dealers in New Hampshire [1965] 9002] The Op-Ed of the Democrats was released just one week after the release of Donald Trump's opioid epidemic during a stop at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire.

Trump said his plan will focus on reducing the number of legal opioid prescriptions and illegal drugs, increasing access to addiction treatment services, opening a new website to help opioid-dependent Americans, and equipping schools

The President also said he would allow the Department of Justice to seek the death penalty for some drug traffickers – a provision that drew criticism from Massachusetts legislators and others.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions encourages US attorneys to apply for capital punishment in some drug-related cases

Attorney General Jeff Sessions later issued a memo to federal prosecutors in which he urged them to step up their response to the public health emergency by moving into Named an Opioid Coordinator for Each District The data analysis of the Abuse Discovery Unit and the application of federal criminal and civil law measures to preserve opioid manufacturers and distributors.

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