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Elliot Stabler returns to season 22 premiere

Fans of Law & order: SVU I’ve probably heard that Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) will be back in a brand new spinoff series. But there is more news about the situation. Stabler will return for SVUs New season, and that means a reunion with Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is on the horizon.

Elliot Stabler will return to the premiere of season 22 of the SVU

Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni | Eric Liebowitz / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

According to Showrunner Warren Leight, who is on the SVU
Called podcast Squadroom,
Stabler’s return will include an appearance on Law & order: SVU, its
original home before we see him in his own series.

“It is pretty clear that Elliot in the SVU
Start of the season, ”revealed Leight. “I think I know that much. Whether we can do that
His family also remains to be seen. ”

There were plans to introduce the Stablers to the fans again

During a round table SVU As the podcast’s author, it became known that there were plans to get Stabler and his family used to the fans again, and it sounds perfect for an episode of SVU.

“We had heard distant thunder when Chris Meloni came back
in the fall and we wanted to lay a little foundation stone for it. ” Leight
. “We wanted to see [his wife] Kathy Stabler is coming back very much
upset. Her son had been rolled by a team from Neer-Do-Wells and may have been
drugged and we wanted to come back [Benson’s half-brother] Simon shines
Overdosing and we wanted to get to know the strain on the Stablers – what
had happened to the Stabler family after Elliot had both left SVU and
apparently they have left. “

The new material should take place in the final episodes of season 21 of SVUProduction came to a standstill due to the corona virus (COVID-19). The season had to be canceled, but fans still hope to see Stabler again soon.

“We just wanted to lay some foundations to expect Elliot to return to his own series,” continued Leight. “We felt that the first episode of next year was for SVU I wanted to bring Elliot back, so we wanted to anticipate that and explain a little more about what happened to Simon. “

The fans react to the shocking news of more Elliot Stabler in the future

The fans are obviously more than a little excited about what
All of this could mean for the future of the United States SVU Universe. Have viewers
has been demanding Stabler’s return since the day of his departure, and it was a long time ago
Time is coming. The fans went to Reddit to discuss Stabler’s return in season 22
from SVU.

“I look forward to it. Have to say SVU is likely to get a huge improvement in ratings for this episode, ”a fan predicts the situation.

Some fans hope that Benson will be angry with Stabler for how things ended after he just left his partner without a word. “It will be more interesting and realistic if Olivia is angry with him first, instead of just jumping to forgive him,” said a fan.

Many fans are upset about the idea that Stabler will go
mentioned his family as Leight in the podcast. “It is much more dramatic than
I imagined its outcome! I feel like a divorce had to happen, but
It is surprising to leave his children, ”wrote a fan about things.

The fans are ready to see more of Elliot Stabler in the future.
and just knowing that we’ll see him in season 22 premiere brings a smile
Faces of many Law & order: SVU Fans.

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