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Elon Musk did less than the typical Tesla employee in 2017

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Director-General Elon Musk scored less than the average Tesla employee in 2017, although other top Tesla executives did much more, the company announced Thursday afternoon. According to Tesla, Musk made $ 49,920 in 2017 without any further compensation and Musk refused to accept the salary that Tesla was legally required to pay him. According to FactSet, Musk owns 19.9% ​​of Tesla's shares, which was around $ 9.4 billion on Thursday afternoon. The median employee at Tesla received $ 54,81

6 last year, the company said, resulting in a CEO-to-typical ratio of 0.91: 1. This year, for the first time, companies are reporting their CEO salary for a median's salary under a 2015 Dodd-Frank Act. While Musk was doing less than the typical worker, Chief Financial Officer, Deepak Ahuja, returned to the job which he served in 2017, will receive $ 15.5 million in compensation in 2017, more than 282 times more than the average Tesla employee. Ahuja was the highest-paid executive listed on Tesla's filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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