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Elon Musk doubles on the Pedo-thing

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Less than a week after Tesla boss Elon Musk announced, no, he would not take Tesla privately because the funding was not quite as "secured" as he said it would be I hope he would make a new leaf and calm down a bit. But no. No not at all. He asks on Twitter if anyone has accidentally investigated his "pedophile" allegations.

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Our running tale of Is this hell? No, it's Tesla, when a woman just dared to say that Elon screamed tears. This came in response to a story in Forbes by Riveter's CEO Amy Nelson, who rightly asked what would have happened to a woman CEO if she had been emotionally and whining about how hard her job was in a New York Times interview. (Spoil alert: she'd be thrown out the same day.)

Well, he'll let you know that he did not actually cry. Instead, it's you who cries:

For the record, we contacted Jordan Cohen, a spokesman for the New York Times, who in an email sent the Mr. Musk's feeling was audible, it is not true that his voice has broken only once. "

But that's neither here nor there. We really do not care if Elon cried big, billowing sobs, howled to heaven, cursed God, gritted his teeth and grabbed the next reporter for structural support, while his emotional agony turned into real, agonizing physical pain (19659007) We do not care if, for example, the entire interview had to be redone, because the first time they tried Elon screamed for only an hour and guttural screams and tore his clothes. Sometimes you just have to let these things out and I will not judge for it, even if they did or not (but to be clear, The Times says that crying happened).

What interests us is that Elon once again sets out on the poor guy who dared to have the impudence to criticize his underwater coffin, starting with a Twitter user named Drew Olanoff, who is gripping the handle , @yoda asked where he had devoted himself to journalistic integrity when, without further evidence or basis, he accused the Thai cave rescue hero Vern Unsworth of being a pedophile:

Elon then countered that his potentially horrific allegation was supported by the fact that Elon, a billionaire with essentially unlimited financial and legal resources, could not defend himself against a type known mainly for his cave diving Still personally sued by Unsworth:

It must be true, if he has not yet sued me, the brilliant reasons!

And Musk is right that this whole thing is weird. But it's weird because Olanoff pointed out why on earth did Elon accuse a random guy of being a pedophile? Being an expat in Thailand, as musk fans quickly argue, is not nearly enough to support such a monstrous assertion. Nobody really has a solid answer to that, and it's definitely a question that deserves some kind of answer.

To the Musk said that the burden of proof was not on him to support his wild claims. It was for everyone else to prove dis what Elon spits out on Twitter day by day:

Musk, a man who claims to deeply understand journalism and everything that hurts him, apparently thinks there are others to confirm his nocturnal allegations, not to support him. And, to put it bluntly, there's absolutely no evidence that Unsworth is anything but a real hero who helped save the thirteen members of a Thai football team trapped in a cave. He's just a guy who did the right thing.

Whatever, it would not be the first example of a lazy relationship with truth and integrity in Silicon Valley.

But what matters more is that through all the craziness shit that happened to him this summer, Elon does not seem to have learned anything. For someone who has had so many self-induced wounds recently, there seems to be a lack of ability to heal, learn, and move on from them. The "finance secured" Tweet? No. Azealia banks? No, call the boss of a critic to complain about him? No. Describe a person indiscriminately as a pedophile


Elon had even made a sort of show to "apologize" to Unsworth after he had attracted the wrath of the investors we now know were completely hollow: 19659007] But the best entrepreneurs and citizens always make a big show of learning from their mistakes. Elon musk? No way. Doubling the thing with the pedo.

We emailed Tesla to ask her if she would like to continue adding Elon's recriminations and if Musk himself has initiated an investigation into his own allegations. We will update when we hear it.

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