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Elon Musk explains his plan to colonize Mars … and how to pay for it

  Elon Musk Settles Mars

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for his desire to colonize Mars, and from time to time he makes a random comment that hums the tech blog O-Sphere. This time, instead of just one or two comments about visiting the Red Planet, Musk has published a full article on the subject in New Space .

How Elon Musk plans to colonize Mars [19659004] Musk's article titled "Making Life Multi-Planetary" was published online earlier this month. He presented his plan for what he calls "BFR," a kind of rocket he wants to develop at SpaceX. Musk wants to use the rocket to transport about 1

00 people into space to colonize Mars.

In his newspaper, the SpaceX chief explains how he intends to pay for the rocket. The talk covers the presentation he gave at the International Astronautical Congress in September, and is essentially an update of the presentation he delivered at the 2017 conference.

Paying for the rocket to colonize Mars … through cannibalization

Elon Musk explains In his paper, he has updated the design of his BFR missile to be smaller than its original design – and possibly also less expensive. Its new design includes a ship and rocket booster in a system that can replace SpaceX's current Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 rockets and Dragon spaceships. He also stated that his new design uses all the resources already used for Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon. Musk also described the Raptor engine, which they have been testing for some time.

Usually, when a tech company talks about cannibalizing their products, it's certainly not a good thing, but Elon Musk explained how it could be possible to pay for the rocket to colonize Mars by using the current technology of SpaceX exploits. He said his goal was to have "a supply of Falcon 9 and Dragon vehicles" available to customers who want to continue using them despite the development of the newer BFR system. Muscov believes that they can build BFR through the revenue from their satellite launches and their service to the International Space Station.

Getting to Mars

In order to actually get to the Red Planet, Elon Musk said that they would send the BFR there to Earth's orbit, fill up their tanks, and then send them to Mars, where she will land. He noted that an essential part of trying to colonize Mars is the ability to produce propellants locally. Because the planet's atmosphere contains carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and plenty of water, he suggests using the Sabatier process to produce methane and molecular oxygen. After the propellant is made, the rocket can then be replenished for a return trip to Earth. He explained that no booster is needed to launch from Mars because it has less gravity.

Musk said that they currently intend to launch SpaceX's first cargo missions to Mars in 2022, although he also calls this a "target" it seems unlikely that they will make it on time. It's interesting that in his article, he sets a timeline of 2022 because he made a comment on Mars this year for 2019.

SpaceX is apparently already working on the construction of the BFR, saying that they have ordered the necessary tools for the main tanks and are now building the plant. By 2024, Musk wants to carry out two cargo missions and two team missions to find water and then build the facility to produce the fuel for a return to Earth.

Elon Musk has even described his plan for building a base for the mission they colonize Mars, starting with a single ship and then adding several ships before they start building the city, "over time Make Mars terraforming and really make it a beautiful place. "

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