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Elon Musk is back in search of "Nuke Mars" – BGR

If there is one thing you can say about Elon Musk, it is that he has never lacked ambition. He has founded a number of successful companies and has driven science forward with SpaceX by lowering the cost of satellite launching and opening up new opportunities for researchers.

Apparently, he also made it his life's work to found a human colony on Mars. A reality, and he insists that it is possible to make Mars very similar to Earth, as long as we have the carbon dioxide that is present in the Earth Ice, trapped in the rock and soil of Mars, can release. Scientists do not quite agree with this way of thinking, but a new tweet from Musk suggests that he is once again ready to argue that breathing Mars is a good idea.

Musk's Tweet is a reference to the theory of throwing one or more big bombs at the masts of Mars, releasing the CO2 trapped there in the ice, giving much needed thrust to the Martian atmosphere:

Mars has today a very thin atmosphere, but it is less than one percent as dense as the earth. As the atmosphere of the planet becomes denser, it can help to store the heat and take a little closer to the habitability of human settlers. Earlier research has shown, however, that the bombardment of the planet's poles would not release nearly enough CO2 to be worth the effort. Elon Musk publicly contradicted.

It's unclear why the SpaceX boss decided to bring it all up again, but he has a habit of saying whatever he believes will get a big response on Twitter. Oh, and apparently he hopes to sell some shirts .

In any case, no space agency is ready to even begin planning for a manned Mars mission, let alone change the climate of the Red Planet with long-term efforts. In this case, bombs may or might not play a role. In the meantime, scientists will probably argue that throwing atomic bombs on other planets is a bad idea.

Image Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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