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Elon Musk is frustrated with media coverage of Tesla Battery Day: “It’s sad”

Elon Musk is frustrated with media coverage of Tesla Battery Day, calls it “sad” and expresses his belief that there is a lack of appreciation for manufacturing.

In an interview that was apparently edited by Kara Swisher on the podcast, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, complained about media coverage of last week’s event:

The press coverage of this event was sad. Most of the press coverage has really been a sad reflection of their understanding.

However, Musk claims he wasn’t trying to “convince people that much” either:

I haven̵

7;t tried to convince people that hard – the results will speak for themselves.

Musk then scolded people for not appreciating the manufacture enough:

This is something the average person has absolutely no idea about. Bright minds on Wall Street generally have no clue about making it or how difficult it is. They think that once you’ve developed a prototype that’s the hard part and everything else is trivially copied afterwards. It is not. It’s maybe 1% of the problem. Large-scale manufacturing, especially a new technology, is between 1,000 and 10,000% more difficult than the prototype.

Over the past few years, Musk has developed an admiration for good manufacture and has tried to communicate it frequently. He’s said several times that Tesla should be essentially a manufacturing company, and he’s encouraged bright minds to get into manufacturing.

Electrek’s take

I am not sure what he was expecting. I loved and appreciated the event as much as I appreciated the Autonomy Day event, but these events are clearly intended for Tesla investors and enthusiasts.

These Tesla events go deep into the weeds.

I was extremely positive about the event, but I’m an EV nerd:

90% of the event wasn’t about things the consumer level people needed to know that the mainstream media would be looking for.

I wasn’t even expecting much mainstream coverage for this event, but industry publications love that.

To be honest, I’m not sure what he’s complaining about. Almost 3 million people saw the presentation on YouTube.

That’s 3 million people who watch a presentation on how Tesla makes batteries. That’s incredible.

It is not a new car or product that is being revealed. It’s only a component in a product (an important component for sure), but it’s still a component for the average consumer.

Who cares what the media or Wall Street is saying? They managed to get 3 million people interested in battery manufacturing. This is a huge asset to my book.

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