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Elon Musk provides the US military with a Tesla electric pickup

Elon Musk spoke briefly about the idea of ​​the Tesla Electric Pickup, now known as the "Tesla Cybertruck," and introduced it to the US military.

Tesla CEO commented during the "Air" Force Space Pitch Day & # 39; yesterday in San Francisco.

He talked mainly about his efforts at SpaceX, which is already working with the US Air Force, but the CEO also briefed the military on the idea of ​​the Tesla electric pickup branch:

"We are using the Tesla Pickup come out, or we call it, Cybertruck & # 39; – I mean, it looks like an armored personal carrier from the future.

It's the second time that Musk has referred to it The design of the Tesla pickup looks like "an armored personal vehicle of the future".

Musk added during his speech to the crowd at the "Air Force Space Pitch Day":

"You may want to try it, you might like it or not, I like it. It will look like it it comes from a movie set when it hits the street. "

This is another clue to the design of the Tesla pickup, which was a bit puzzling.

Musk said this before The Tesla Pickup Truck Will It does not really help anyone to release a very cryptic teaser image for the pickup during the Model Y unveiling earlier this year

Most people did not even understand which part of Tesla's electric pickup was shown in the teaser image.

Musk later confirmed that it was the front end of the truck.

Some hobby designers tried to interpret what it would look like based on Musk's teaser image and comments. I have not seen a render that looks like the one Tesla is working on.

As far as the technical data are concerned, Musk has also upped the ones for the pickup truck.

Tesla's CEO has previously sought suggestions for features to be added to the Tesla truck being developed, and he has revealed some planned features. As an option for a range of 400 to 500 miles, a four-wheel drive with two engines and dynamic suspension and a trailer load of 300,000 pounds.

In the beginning of the summer he said that the Tesla pickup will cost less than $ 50,000 and better than a Ford F1


Musk said Tesla plans to introduce the "Cybertruck" later this month Carriers are two different things.

Against this background, it makes sense for the military to drive electrically, and they have thought about it.

Tesla's Cybertruck itself might not be a great solution for the Army, but the electric platform of this Tesl vehicle built for the manufacture of the truck could be a great option to build many different vehicles.

Since Elon already has experience in working with the military through SpaceX, it could be easier for Tesla to navigate through the military subcontracting world.

be an interesting development for the company. More.

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