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Elon Musk releases a teaser image of Tesla's electric cyberpunk pickup

Elon Musk has released the first teaser image of Tesla's electric pickup truck, which he calls a "cyberpunk truck" inspired by Blade Runner.

As we reported earlier today, Tesla revealed one more thing last night, but everyone has missed it.

Tesla reportedly flashed a picture on the main screen while everyone was in the back of the room for the Model Y test drives.

It was rumored that it was a teaser for the electric pickup. what Musk has now confirmed.

Musk confused many last year when he said the Tesla pickup truck would have a "truly futuristic cyberpunk blade runner" design.

Today he pointed out that Tesla was playing the end Blade Runner titles played after the end of the Model Y webcast, revealing the teaser image of the Tesla pickup:

It is the very first official image of the Tesla pickup truck apart from a previous pickup version of the Tesla Semi, which was never intended for production.

This new truck is something that is so Tesla wants to do it this year and reveal it.

Here is another version of the modified exposure image to get a better idea of ​​the shape:

 Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser 2

Musk has previously said That the vehicle is his favorite of all of Tesla's current new vehicle programs, however, believes that this may be "too futuristic for most people."

Aside from the design we know more about with this image, we already know a bit about the Tesla Pickup Truck's specifications after Musk looked for proposals for the vehicle under development and targeted some of them Specifications announced.

He said that this is a 6-seater "big truck" with an option for 400 to 500 miles "maybe higher".

It is expected to be introduced later this year, but the actual production time is still unclear.

Electreks Take

To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm & # 39; I'm watching. Is it the bed of the truck? Is this the frontend? I'm not sure.

Please clarify me in the comments below.

Maybe it's just a bad idea, but I'm starting to understand Elon's comment that the Tesla truck is too futuristic for most people.

That is, it sounds like they still do. When it comes to delivering great products, Tesla has a pretty good track record.

We will see …

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