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Elon Musk shows the fiery SpaceX Starship Heatshield test



SpaceX is burning.

Figuratively speaking, of course. As if they just dropped back-to-back-to-back buckets in an NBA jam game.

After the first commercial crew capsule was successfully sent to the International Space Station ISS in early March, the space company of Elon Musk is on a hot track and wants to do so with an upcoming test launch of their discussed Starship.

But before Starship lifts off, Musk Spacefaring fans cast a glance at the hexagonal heat shield tiles that finally protect the ship from the blazing heat. Short video above, reached a maximum temperature of approximately 1650 Kelvin ( about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, about 1375 degrees Celsius). He suggested that this could withstand the extreme temperatures associated with the return to Earth, but it is slightly lower than the temperatures built by NASA's space shuttles (about 1,500 degrees Celsius) ).

On March 12, the Raptor Rocket Engine – which will ultimately help bring Starship to the Moon and beyond – was discovered in Boca Chica, Texas where SpaceX's first test on Starships " Hops "prepared. The hops test the takeoff and landing characteristics of a Starship prototype, also known as the Starhopper, and the Raptor engine.

On Friday, a Twitter user, Austin Barnard took photos of Starhopper's attached Raptor engine for the first time. With all the machines in place, Musk believes that the Hops Test will be held next week .

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