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Elon Musk's orbiting Tesla Roadster has made a journey around the sun

One year in the life of Starman lasts about 557 of our earth days.

The Tesla Roadster, which SpaceX launched into space in February 2018, has now completed a full orbit around the Sun. The "driven" distance is about 762 million miles, which according to Where Is Roadster? Means the car's 36,000-mile warranty has been exceeded more than 21,000 times.

Good luck waiting, Starman For the dummy dressed in the space suit, who was still at the helm of the space-suited roadster, this was quite a journey. There he first landed as part of a test launch for the Falcon Heavy, a reusable SpaceX missile that is to transport heavy payloads over the earth's atmosphere.

Space enthusiasts have been monitoring Starman's progress ever since, watching the sky for its occasional appearances. He even inspired a totally bizarre video game.

The last time we talked about Starman at Mashable was November 201

8, nine months after launch. By then, Starman and his loyal roadster had already made it through Mars. Now the car is approaching the red planet again – at the time of publication, it is only 69 million miles. So skip the field "Are we there already?". please – as it begins a second circle around the sun.

There are some funny stats that can be found on it. Where is the Roadster? Website, and it's a cool thing to bookmark if you're over space nerds out. My favorite act: David Bowie's "Space Oddity," which looped when the car started, would have been repeated more than 151,000 times – but only if the roadster's battery was out of juice. Case with so few EV charging stations in to find the space paths. But it's a beautiful idea of ​​a fake spaceman flying through the stars, jamming to Bowie for all eternity.

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