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Eloy is excited and another addition

It appears that every blessed day I could create a double post extension for Eloy Jimenez for Update / Starter extension. Today's Version:

Eloy Jimenez

When Eloy Jimenez struggled with service manipulations, he briefly recalled Matt Davidson's first spring with the Sox. Davidson played in the Cactus League this year, and his first cup of coffee with the Diamondbacks indicated he could open the season in Chicago. The Soxen sent him down to Charlotte, where he riddled himself and took three seasons to return to the majors.

After Jimenez had signed his extension, he briefly remembered the ugly spring Jose Quintana had to endure before signing his life change deal. However bad Jimenez has been, he is not quite comparable to Quintana's 30.00 ERA at the time.

James Fegan's report on Jimenez & # 39; s press conference says Jimenez admitted to pushing under the circumstances:

He admitted that the pressure of the trial was a little over $ 43 million, which were guaranteed his game came ̵

1; just as José Quintana was hit five years ago – but he wants to return to the player who not only slowed down the hype but also made the whipping comfortable.

"I will not press myself," said Eloy. "I'll just be Eloy, I'm going to play hard and win a few championships."

Hopefully, Jimenez proves he's a bargain, as the man he's been traded in. He's on his way, story like this neatly as possible, and on his first hike in the spring after his return to the camp of the big league a 3-to-3-course.

Theoretically Jimenez would not get into the water The MLB squad was up to 10 Days in the season since the Sox chose him already Charlotte, but he can go to the opening day race with an injury to another.

After Nicky Delmonico had recently left behind a concussion, he appeared to be the most likely option but the Sox chose him for Charlotte on Saturday, which means the Sox have a few more options on how to go:

* Jon Jay: He's been out for 11 days of a hip problem inactive. Rick Renteria would probably be surprised if he fails to open the opening daily rate, but perhaps he sells the misleading.

* Daniel Palka: He is 4-for-32 with four walks and 15 strikes after returning from a twisted Achilles tendon, but his ticket could still be stamped for Charlotte.

* Nate Jones or Kelvin Herrera: Both throw at reduced speed, justifying the surveillance. Herreras is less worrisome at the beginning because he is recovering from the foot surgery and is mildly effective. Jones, however, gives up the vocal contact almost every time.

While the White Sox would normally prefer to have eight helpers, they have first four on three of the first eight days of the season and four of them days off.

All Advanced Pitchers

Justin Verlander joined Chris Sale, to break free of next year's block of free agents and sign a two-year, $ 66-million extension to Astros. Unlike the other recently brokered extensions, this does not bring it beyond 2021 and the expiration of the CBA, but Verlander will be 39 years old at this time, so this year could be independent of the health of the open market

Five-year $ 145 million expansion of Sale at the Red Sox is official. The structure is loaded head-on, and some money has been put off to lower the average annual value to $ 25.6 million, possibly to keep Mookie Betts and / or Xander Bogaerts in the bag. The structure:

  • 2020: $ 30 million
  • 2021: $ 30 million
  • 2022: $ 30 million (opt out after the season)
  • 2023: $ 27.5 million
  • 2024: $ 27.5 million

Sale might have done better, but he also threw in just 158 ​​in-season innings with substantial Fluctuations in his speed in 2019. Had he reached a free agency after the season? It could be that he was negotiated rather harshly, so doubling his previous high salary could be the path of lesser resistance.

His salary never seems to have bothered him before, and he seems to be training in Florida:

"For me, living in my house for two months, picking up my son from school – I have it in all his practices for the little league, "said Sale. "He has 14 games, I could see six of them, I should be able to see today, but I was pushed back, so I have to peck, we will pick the same day, that's pretty cool."

"I have two sons and Another baby is coming, so I want to be with my family, I want to be down here, I live here, I went to school here, I established my life here, and that's the best offer for me in terms of money is that what it is. "

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