The firing of Arizona Cardinals Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Friday seems to be a foregone conclusion – or should it be.

After the 45-10 defeat to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night at State Farm Stadium, there is a bigger question: how many others will join him in the coming weeks? Because no single man could be responsible for such an embarrassment.

Earlier this week, Miller's Broncos linebacker prophesied a butt. He proved right, and the Cardinals did nothing but say, thank you, my lord, can I have one more?

It was almost over before the tailgaters broke their canopies.

Someone will pay for the embarrassment

Quarterback Josh Rosen had intercepted two passes and returned for touchdowns in the first quarter, including one in which receiver JJ Nelson seemed to stop running.

The defense was twice burned for scores, including a passback pass and a 64-yard bomb to Emmanuel Sanders, who was somehow 15 yards behind the next defender.

The second quarter was 10 seconds old and the Cardinals moved to 21-3. At half time it was 35-3, and the Cardinals were booed when they ran to the locker room.

Arizona Cardinals Attack Coordinator Mike McCoy vs. Denver Broncos in First Half at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. (Photo: Rob Schumacher / The Republic)

Someone will pay for the embarrassment. The safest will be McCoy. Under him, the cardinals have kept the course, and it leads them steadily downward.

The passing of the Cardinals was terrible. Once again. No news there. At a time when the NFL is advancing at record speed in an offensive season, the Cardinals looked as if they were meeting for the first time.

It took them two timeouts to avoid game delays in the first round.

They were penalized for delaying the game in the second quarter.

Maybe a rookie quarterback, Josh Rosen, played a factor. But it was a problem when Sam Bradford also started, suggesting that McCoy would not get the quarterback's game call fast enough.

The Cardinals kept looking at the third one, as a cow stands in front of a gate, confused How can I get past it? In their last three games, they have converted 6 of 36.

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Offensive is not the only problem

If McCoy lasts beyond Friday, should there will be an investigation. A month ago I defended it, arguing that changing offensive coordinators would hamper the development of roses.

That opinion was synonymous with the leadership of David Johnson on the third and 23rd

Quarterback coach Byron Leftwich will probably be. He has given the key to the deed and he will earn the job for 2019 when he finds out can, how he gets the thing out of the blocks and actually runs.

Whatever Leftwich does, it is not enough if the Cardinals expect him

But this offense is not the team's only problem, just the most obvious one.

Record numbers of Cardinals 1-6 also argue for bad decisions through ownership, management and coaching.

Coach Steve Wilks was hired because he was charismatic and could "order a room". Probably that meant a room full of football players, but the cardinals were as motivated as empty chairs.

The offensive line seldom takes a defender where he wants to go, a And the attack on the defensive has been shabby.

Wilks has not shown that he's head coaching material, and that's Team President Michael Bidwill and General Manager Steve Keim, who hired him.

I think Wilks will survive training next season, but that could change with more performances like the one Thursday.

To his credit, Wilks did not make excuses after the drowning and took responsibility.

"I will not sit here and we have to throw a pity party," he said.

Wilks, of course, deserves the blame, but he is also burdened with some bad personnel decisions by Keim.

In defense three points in the first round – Robert Nkemdiche, Deone Bucannon and Haason Reddick – make no impression.

The team's biggest free-agent takeover, Justin Pugh, does not play because of a broken hand. He was signed, although in 2013 he only once played a full season as a rookie at the Giants.

Left-back Mike Iupati collapsed again. Keim could not support the reception corps.

The team's best players look like sad memories of who they once were. Did not Larry Fitzgerald capture touchdown passes before the seventh week? Was David Johnson unable to make amazing jumps? Could not Patrick Peterson shut down the best receivers?

"Embarrassing", D.J. Humphries said about the performance. "That's the best way to say it, embarrassing."

Nobody argues, and McCoy may be the first to pay the price.

Reach the Arizona State's Kent Somers at Follow him on Twitter @kentsomers


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