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Emilia Clarke was drunk and cried when she met Beyoncé

Speaking to Graham Norton, the "Game Of Thrones" star said Beyoncé "disappeared very quickly" when she saw Clarke burst into tears at the sight of her husband Jay Z.

"I did not expect that I did not expect to be invited," Clarke said. "I thought, how did that happen?" When I met Queen Bey, I had too many drinks and started crying. It did not go well. I think she came out very quickly!

She also discussed how she should play Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO hit show Despite the recognition it brought, her friends are really not impressed.

"It started with things like," We can not afford to stream "Game of Thrones", "we do not have the money, sorry Emilia." Then it said, "We'll try to download it." Then it was Season 8, and I had a demo of the last episode and they said, "So we have seven and three quarters of the squadrons to catch up before this Sunday," she said.

Clarke also advertised her upcoming movie "Last Christmas" and the intense schedule with which she worked from 1
2 noon to 12 noon in London.

"The shooting of Christmas in London last year were crazy," said Clarke. "Since we were in Covent Garden and Regent Street, we started at midnight and ended around noon, and I was in a kind of eternal hangover."

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