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Emiliano Sala: Police focus on the search for rescue scenes

Search and rescue operations for the aircraft – a single turbine Piper Malibu, which disappeared shortly before 20:30 clock from the radar near the Channel Islands. Local time (15:30 ET) Monday – Wednesday resumed.

At 9:30 am local time (4:30 am ET) on Wednesday, Guernsey police said on Twitter that the search was conducted on the basis of four options: that the pilot had landed at another location, but none Contact had taken that they had been picked up by an attacker Passing ship, the life raft or the plane broke up on contact with the water.

"Our search area has priority at the liferaft," said the tweet.

Cardiff City Record Signature

Earlier Wednesday, Guernsey police said two airplanes would search a target area they believed was based on verifying tides and weather since the plane had disappeared , it had the "highest probability of finding something."

The plane requested the descent as it passed through Guernsey, but lost contact with air traffic control as it flew to 2,300 feet. 1

9659002] Sala, 28, traveled from Nantes to Cardiff after bidding farewell to his former team-mate in France after transferring 15 million pounds (19.3 million US dollars) to the English Premier League club.

When the searcher was canceled for the evening on Tuesday, the authorities had warned that they would not expect any survivors.

The Guernsey police said on Twitter that they had "no indication" of those aboard, adding, "If they land on the water, chances of survival at this point are low."

Capt. David Barker, Port Authority of the State of Guernsey, told reporters Tuesday that there had been no emergency call. He said, "Radar and communications have lost him."

  Nantes followers gathered in Nantes after it became known that Emiliano Sala had been missing

"I was in shock"

Sala's father, Horacio, said he was in shock as he awaited news about his missing son.

Speaking to CNN and Espanyol on Tuesday, Sala's father said no officer had come into contact with him.

"No one called me, no one contacted us," he said, revealing that he spoke with his son last Sunday.

"He was fine, he was looking forward to his next move … he went ahead … a bigger club and he was able to play [in the] Premiership, he was very pleased," he said. "We can not explain that."

Welsh club Cardiff City said Tuesday it will "continue to pray for positive news."

An outstanding season

  Sala had scored 12 goals Nantes this season.

Sala, who had signed a three-year deal with the Welsh club on Saturday, scored 12 league goals this season for Nantes.

The Argentine would probably have been available for his debut for Cardiff, who was in the relegation zone, scoring few goals in their return to the English top flight in the next Arsenal League Premier League game.

Born In Santa Fe, Argentina, Sala established itself in France. He has scored 42 goals for Nantes since coming from Bordeaux to Bordeaux in 2015 and was particularly impressed with this season.

In his last tweet on Monday just before he was due to fly, Sala posted a photo of him with the Nantes FC team and the caption: "The last one, goodbye."

The French Football Federation confirmed its website had postponed Nantes' French Cup match against Entente for Wednesday.

In a statement on the website of the French club, Nantes chairman Waldemar Kita said on Tuesday, "My thoughts are with his friends, his family, I still have hope, he's a fighter."

"It's not yet over, he could still be somewhere. We are waiting for news that we hope to be positive, and we are very touched by all the support we have received since this morning.

PSG and France striker Kylian Mbappe, midfielders Andres Iniesta (world champions) and Thierry Henry (coaches) were among others present and former footballers to post support messages on social media.

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