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Eminem releases & # 39; kamikaze & # 39 ;, a surprise album

Eminem released a surprise album Thursday and used the opener to address the aftermath of last year's freestyle rap for President Trump and his followers.

The new 11-song album "Kamikaze" Comes less than a year after the 45-year-old rapper's last album, "Revival", which was his eighth consecutive debut at No. 1. Eminem and dr. Dre is featured as executive producer on the album, his cover pays tribute to the 1986 Beastie Boys album "Licensed to Ill".

Within hours of the rapper announcing his new album on Twitter, his post was out been shared almost 50,000 times.

"And every fan of mine / who is a supporter of his / I draw a line in the sand / They are either for or against", he tapped in the Freestyle 2017 just before he gave the middle finger to the camera.

In "The Ringer", the opening track of the new album, Eminem seemed to guess herself and rapped, "If I could go back, I would. I would at least rewrite it / and say that I empathize with people, in to whom this wicked serpent has sold the dream that he is abandoned. "

" This line in the sand, was that worth it at all? / Because the way I see people makes it worthless / It starts the purpose / I watch as my fan base shrinks to a third / And I was just trying to do the right thing, but saying, "He

He also said with respect to the President that" Agent Orange has just sent intelligence / meet up in person to see if I'm really thinking of hurting him / asking if I'm in contact with terrorists "" Only when it comes to ink and lyricists. "

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