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Emmanuel Butler, or is it eBay? Holy & # 39; Bargains & # 39; do with WR vs. TD. Dolphins | saint

Forget the nickname "EB".

According to Saints backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, the nickname of the naughty rookie without Emmanuel Butler is now "eBay."

"We found him on eBay for a special price," Bridgewater said after the 16-13 final loss to the Saints to the Miami Dolphins.

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Butler said he does not remember exactly when Bridgewater christened him with the new nickname, but he was first used in the classroom.

"He said:" What's good, eBay? " Butler said. "I looked over and said," eBay? "He said," Yeah, we had to find you on the internet, you're too good not to get drafted and come here as a non-drafted free agent, So we had to find you cheap on the internet on eBay. "1

9659007] Undrafted Saints rookie WR Emmanuel Butler clearly enjoys the nickname given to him by QB Teddy Bridgewater:" eBay "- as he explains here @Amie_Just pic .twitter.com / aCFXdp2s7G [19659008] – Mike Triplett (@MikeTriplett) August 30, 2019

Butler paid off in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Thursday as Bridgewater scored for a 12-yard touchdown in the second quarter The Saints On The Dolphins Briefly Connect With The Product

Butler knew he would hit when Bridgewater threw the ball in his direction.

The Dolphins went from man to man, while Butler did a faded route to the far right corner e of the end zone ran.

Bridgewater found Butler lightweight and gave the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder his first landing in the preseason.

"Amazing experience," said Butler, as a professional for the first time to score. "As you can see, I did not even know what to do in the Endzone, I was just looking in the stands, it was a great experience, I can not do anything but thank God for this opportunity." [19659013] ⚜️ Touchdown #Saints ⚜️ @ teddyb_h2o finds the beginner Emmanuel Butler for six in the endzone! #MIAvsNo pic.twitter.com/GvT33k6Bs5

– New Orleans Saints (@Saints) August 30, 2019

Butler's preseason with the saints was "a roller coaster ride". Butler had to give up early and got recognition from coach Sean Payton, who missed out a short time later with an unknown injury and missed the first game in the preseason.

Butler's first action in the preseason contest ran against the Los Angeles Chargers, but he did not catch. A pass he threw bounced off his face mask.

But he crashed into the jets to catch his first pre-season catches. Fast forward to Thursday when he got this touchdown pass.

The saints led briefly in the first half.

"There are times when you will be tall, there are times when you will be low," said Butler. "And that's part of being a professional, it's definitely something I got used to."

He continued, "I've grown so big, this is a great program with so many veterans in the league for so long, they gave me a lot of guidance and they helped me with many different things Concentrate on which I have not focused myself player and as a person. "

As cadre sections emerge, Butler wants to get back some of the missed catches, of course.

But he feels he has done everything he can to put himself in the best position in the 53-man list.

"In the end, I know that I struggled 100 percent every time I was out there," said Butler. "So I leave it in the hands of the coaches, let it happen in Gods hands and whatever happens."

He added, "At the end of the day, this is a business, so treat it like a business you know, there are no hard feelings in this game, ultimately they want the best people on the field.

The Saints gave the Thursday's preseason the final touch of night with a 16-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Payton said on Thursday that Butler had "made a really good impression" on the team and that Butler "has a good uptrend".

Butler ended the preseason with six receptions for 47 yards, a touchdown and a memorable new nickname result.

"It's a good nickname," Butler said with a giggle. "It's definitely one that I think will stick with it."


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